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Brand new league, I was impressed they got coverage like this. How many of these type of leagues have we seen pop up and die after a year or two?


They play for one year then have to compete with XFL next year for in state viewerships, will see. I prefer to keep the players in the US rather than to the CFL.

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Do these leagues have any limit on when players can join? I worry this is going to be minor league football that will bleed the colleges of talent.

Maybe it is inevitable.

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And along with the players would follow the ridiculous money, graft, corruption, cheating, tax evasion, and politics, and all we’d have is amateur football supported by (and played for) alumni and students, with results achieved on the field rather than in a boardroom. Count me in.

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Please try Greg at QB. Once you go Ward you never go back.


I am happy that these young men are getting a chance to play the game they love and that they can earn a living doing so.
I don’t see this league being successful in the long term or even making it past the first 3 or 4 years.


This looks like the best put together league (under the NFL) I have seen in a long time with a solid tv deal for exposure. The problem is the XFL coming in next year with way more money behind it and way more publicity. McMahon is willing to risk a large chuck of his wealth to go all in on the XFL which will kill this league. I think the AAF will last 3 years, the XFL will stick around until McMahon loses interest or gets too old to deal with it.


Too much exposure of anything is not good. There will be some initial interest but when people realize that the quality is not that good they will quickly retreat to the best quality.
If there was any merit to it then folks like Jerry Jones would have been on it years ago.
These leagues will die a quick death. No DNR required.

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There is a market for one of these leagues to survive, especially in the Spring. Just stop trying to compete with the NFL.

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I would agree with you if this league or the XFL were crazy enough to compete head to head against the NFL, but there is no NFL in the spring. If you are fan and you love football, I don’t see how you can be so down on the AAF. They are marketing themselves as a real blue collar league. They show tweets of practices and the players training hard. I don’t see how this won’t go over well.

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Living a short distance from San Antonio, I will head to a few games for sure.

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I love the prospect of the AAF and XFL. I think it will take my interest away from CFL games (which I do watch during the summer).


Jerry is a billionaire. There is a big difference between a league making it and making hundreds of millions to entice a guy like that.


Evidently, you may not have followed Jerry Jones much. He wants to win no matter what and no matter how “small” the stakes may be. Add to that the potential for the 2 new leagues to be feeders for the NFL , it would be foolish to think Jerry doesn’t have time for this. Either he is working behind the scenes or has determined these leagues are not going to make it. I think it’s the latter.

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I think it will end up on the marketing and how it looks on the field. If the flow of the game is good and exciting itll survive. But, itll also depend on the quality of players and names. As long as we get paid for XFL and strike a deal with AAF we’re golden.