San Antonio Commanders

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The AAC and XFL need to have a Spring Champ Bowl game between the 2.

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I am pretty sure the NFL is lowkey supporting the AAF. The contracts for players are essentially setting the AAF up as a feeder league.


Yep, Jerry is sitting around thinking, “Wait a minute, I can make an extra 100k a year if I spend half my time working on a new pro football league. That will show I am a winner and get all that glory hole I have been looking for!”

Come on man, he isn’t thinking about any other football leagues. He runs the most valuable sports franchise in the world and one of the most profitable stadiums in the world. If you followed Jerry you would know he never stops thinking about how he can improve the Cowboys.

Plus he knows if a league ever took off, he could just step in and buy it whenever he wanted.


I guess we will see. I think you underestimate Jerry’s ego.

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Any chance they’ve tried to maintain a healthy distance from The League, so as not to be completely overrun?

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“It was everybody believing in each other and playing for each other, and going out there and just winning,” Ward said. “That was our mindset, was just winning. It doesn’t matter if it’s practice. It doesn’t matter if it’s just everyday life in the classroom or outside the field. Everybody was just together. We came together and it showed on the field.”

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I can’t wait for this season to start. Looking forward to seeing some of our favorite Coogs on the grid iron again.

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Got another way to watch

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Is BR Live on Apple TV or Roku? I would check but my wife’s asleep in the bedroom. Is it a pay service?

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Thank you for sharing Patrick. I think they thought this out really well. I like how they are doing two games a day occupying both Saturday and Sunday. Really great way to bring attention to the league, capitalize on only having 8 teams, and of course help football fans get their fix until the fall.

(Dan) #74

Quite a deal to get NFL Network. Gives the league a good dose of legitimacy. Part of the motivation for this is the NFLs desire to kill the XFL again when it kicks off. NFL could also buy this league if they’re successful.

Has anyone heard if this league will allow players out of high school? That will make things very interesting and since they are being cordial with the NFL I wonder how that will influence this.

(Patrick) #75

I don’t think they’ll allow kids out of high school for now. Might be an option down the line if successful.

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That Bleacher report Live Broadcast should interesting. I am curious to see how they rate.


The times listed are Eastern time. It is 7 our time, 6 in Denver and 5 in San Diego.

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You are right my bad. Thank you for the clarification.

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### 3. San Antonio Commanders

I’ve heard frequently that the Commanders are expected to be one of the top three or so teams in the alliance. If nothing else, the offense has looked sharp and it could put up the most points of any team this season. One of the names to watch is wide receiver Greg Ward Jr. Houston Cougars fans will remember him as the electric quarterback who helped the program defeat Florida State in the Peach Bowl. He’s expected to be one of the starting wideouts and the word on him from camp is that he’s going to be a star because of his athleticism.

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A buddy of mine in SA shared a branded beer can. According to him the town is actually looking forward to having football.