San Antonio Commanders


I would say the same with Yahoo writes and their constant “clap back” phrase…


From what I saw, SA’s best QB is wearing #84.


Nice to see the UH v Tulane scroll all game as well!!

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It was a loss, but that’s mainly due to the pick 6. Pretty much all the Coogs had good/great games.

(Dan) #145

Ward is a QB. He has Farrow and Ayers at his disposal. I really don’t see what the problem is here.


Logan Woodside is not a professional caliber QB. SA should give Ward an opportunity.


I’m guessing Ward probably wants to stay at reciever to get back in the nfl.

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(Patrick) #149

Joey Mbu the Music Man of Commanders defense

“We wanted to bring some music to practice one day and the coaches didn’t mind,” Commanders defensive end Winston Craig said. “Joey had really good taste that got everyone motivated. We asked the coaches if they were OK with it and ever since, that’s Joey’s thing.”


I’m sure that’s the case. Doesn’t make it easier to watch. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Tom Green) #151

You brought up Case. Hmmmm

(Jimmy Morris) #152

I’m really surprised Steven Taylor isn’t wreaking havoc in that league. I’m guessing he didn’t even try out.

(Patrick) #153

He kind of dropped off the radar when it comes to playing football. Guessing he moved on.

(Patrick) #154

Not good:

According to the sources, there was one enormous problem, one that became obvious even before the AAF’s second weekend (Feb. 16-17) of games: The league was running short on cash, and quickly. Without new investors, there was a good chance it was going to miss payroll last Friday.

“Without a new, nine-figure investor, nobody is sure what would have happened,” one source said. “You can always tell people their checks are going to be a little late, but how many are going to show up on the weekend for games when they don’t see anything hit their bank accounts on Friday?”

On Tuesday, multiple sources told The Athletic , the AAF will announce that Carolina Hurricanes majority owner Tom Dundon, a self-made billionaire from Dallas, has become that nine-figure investor. Dundon will be introduced as the league’s new chairman after last week’s commitment of $250 million enabled the AAF to meet its obligations.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #155

Running out of cash in the first week isn’t a good sign. I’m not a financial genius but I would think somebody in the organization would have done at least a rough budget to see if they could make it past the first week.

(Eric) #156

yeah that doesn’t sound very well organized if they are talking about missing payroll the second week of the season unless someone invests hundreds of millions of dollars…

(Cougarpad) #157

Well with the XFL there will be no worries about financing with Mcmahon behind it. Maybe the XFL should just step up and buy out the AAF for their rosters and already established teams.

(J V ) #158

I saw it too, how does that happen that they are almost out of money after one week.


1-0 mentality, just focus on this week,we’ll deal with the next team next week, including pay

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Well the claim has been refuted by the AAF about missing payroll. Why would a billionaire waste 250 mil bailing out a failing league? You don’t become a billionaire doing something stupid.

IMO there was probably a deal in place for Dundon to give the money if certain conditions were met. They were met and he invested and is now the new chairman.