Saturday's games

(Patrick) #142

And they called another unsportsmanlike penalty on WV for the Horns down after the TD. Ridiculous.


And UT will fall…


Refs obviously have horns.

(James Duncan) #145

Still can’t believe he went for two


It’s fun reading the early comments …,

(gpropes) #147

God bless Dana. I don’t know where dude buys pants big enough to hold his stones. He’s going to have to wear a kilt next weekend.


Come on Tech. I feel dirty for saying that. I want WV to win the Big 12


Go back and look. Tech did essentially the same thing around the formation of the Big 12.

(Tom) #150

No 14 North Carolina Wolfpack’s loses at home to a 4-5 Wake Forest . It’s not easy being a college football fan.


You got that right. It was a complete performance by the Pack against Wake’s third string QB. Made the Coogs trip to Dallas last weekend look like a solid effort. We weren’t close to being a Top 15 team, but everything was set up for an excellent finish with four incredibly weak opponents. Too bad we didn’t show up.


I beg to differ. I think starting with USF, we hit the hard part of our in-conference schedule.

(gpropes) #153

You guys dominated the game for 53 minutes. Bizarre decision to go for it on 4th and 3 when NC State was well within field goal range. Even more bizarre decision to run a zero blitz on the winning TD play.

(Tom Green) #154

He is talking about NC STATE Wolfpack not Coogs on last 4 gms.

(Dan) #155

Coming this Saturday: More top 25 upsets
Coming this Tuesday: 4 and 5 loss P5 teams in the CFP top 25. Aw, you didn’t get bowl eligibility this year? That’s OK you can still be in the top 25.


OK. I thought this board was for UH football.

(WRB) #157

It is but PackTex is an NC State alum as well as a UH supporter. He has done a pretty good job of contrasting the expectations of this board and our football history vs those of the NC State community and their football history.

(Tom Green) #158