Scheduling Army or Air Force

(Dustin K) #1

Would you like us to schedule Army or Air Force? Or both? Why or why not?

(Alan Tran) #2

We already play 2 option teams, so no.

(Patrick) #3

Agreed. Need to minimize games against those option offenses.


I think our D played one of its better games vs Navy. Our DC has a lot of experience prepping for triple option teams.

So I’m less worried about another triple option team than I am another Memphis.


It is the cut blocks that come with triple option that I wouldn’t want to double down on.

(Jimmy Morris) #7

Right now, all we need to do is pay off someone to play and one and done road game against us in 2019 and we are booked full until 2024. I don’t think it’s a coincident Arkansas came calling after Hunter made deals with Boise State and BYU.


I think it makes perfect sense for Army and Air Force to be members of the AMERICAN Athletic Conference.

I don’t know what you would do with the annual Army Navy game being historically the last game of the season. Unless you called that annual game a non conference game and Army and Navy played full set of conference games in addition to the Army Navy game.

I am really starting to like the AAC. Adding all of the service academies would make me like it even more.


Both have been offered by the conference and both declined.

(Jimmy Morris) #10

Having multiple in the same conference gives the conference power over their scheduling. I think it is in their best interest to always play each other OOC so their matchups are treated like individual bowl games and not just another conference game.


Our winning football heritage was built on the Veer, an option offense. Now, our fans are afraid of it.

The way I see it, the more option teams on the schedule, the more experienced we become in defending it.

If the option offense is that effective in this day and time, perhaps we should consider returning to it.

(Dustin K) #12

I’m sure some deal could be made in that regard as part of joining.


Yes we played it well. Yes CMD has a lot experience vs it. And after rewatching game, had a good game plan that I believe had a lot to do with the success.
However, past success vs option is not a guarantee of future success.
Example…Navy ran for only 60 some yards vs Air Force In 2016…2017 They got 400+ rushing vs AF.
It just screws up your defense in my opinion. If you play them a few weeks apart, it screws with you because of having play regular defense in between weeks. If you get them back to back, maybe hard to get back to normal afterwards.

(Jimmy Morris) #14

I figure the conference is strong enough for us as is anyway. If we can add BYU and Boise State to turn the conference into legitimate P6 status, I’m all for it. Otherwise the conference is big enough as is and we can strike deals with Army and Air Force for future OOC games.