Scheduling Non-Conference Opponents


I just saw where Oklahoma released their 2018 schedule - in which they play all 3 of their non-conference games as home games up in Norman, OK. Those games will include Army, Florida Atlantic and UCLA.

Is it any wonder that a non P-5 team (like UH) has problems trying to schedule 1 & 1’s against P-5 teams?

(Dustin K) #2

It is to some people on the board.


Oklahamoa ok. But what about the Oregon states or Vanderbilt’s or Purdue or any of the other lesser P5 programs?


The lesser P5s need to schedule victories because for some those will be the only victories they get all year. Look at Tennessee. They were 3 - 0 in non-conference and ranked in the top 25. They are now 3 - 4 having lost all of their conference games so far.

(gpropes) #5

For all the horrendous decisions that Mack Rhoades made at UH, he did exactly what y’all are complaining about. He secured home-and-homes with several mid-level to lower-level P5s - Tech, Arizona, Vanderbilt, and Kansas.

And Yurachek got a home-and-home with Washington State.

(Jimmy Morris) #6

Such a weird thread seeing as we finish a home and home with OU in 2019 and Vanderbilt in 2021, started a home and home series against Arizona and Texas Tech this year and start another home and home series with Washington State in 2019 and Kansas in 2022.

2014 was the last time we had less than 2 P5 teams scheduled, we already have two scheduled for 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022 with 1 scheduled and 1 open date in 2020 and 2023. Add to that, we were just working on a deal late this summer with Colorado. They have the same off dates with us in 2018 and 2022 but the problem becomes that both teams have two road games scheduled for 2018 so it will probably be much later dates.

I think the hardest part of finishing up the 4th game for 2018 through 2020 is that all of those years we have two road games already scheduled. So now we have to find three separate opponents that will play us in Houston and then we play them on the road several years later. At this point, there might not even be a P5 team that are willing to add a road game on their schedule the next few years that also fits our schedule.

(Patrick) #7

Mack also struggled early in his tenure to secure P5s which is why we didn’t have a P5 on our schedule in either 2013 or 2014. We also almost had to go through with 2 FCS teams on the schedule in 2014 until we were able to secure a date with UNLV. It wasn’t until 2013-14 that Mack finally decided to get out and schedule P5s.

(gpropes) #8

The recurring rumor is that TSU is the fourth non-con game in 2018.

I’d like to see a G5 home game in 2019 (already have OU and Washington State) and a P5 home game in 2020 (Colorado? Cal?)

(Jimmy Morris) #9

But you can’t just take shots in the dark about what you would like to see. I can already tell you that a home game against Colorado will never happen because they already play road games against Colorado State and Texas A&M that year. California would be more possible.

(gpropes) #10

I can take any shot in the dark I like, thanks. It’s a message board, Sparky.

I had forgotten that the Pac-12 plays 9 conference games. So Colorado is totally booked until 2023.

And Cal wasn’t a shot in the dark - we were negotiating with them. But a political issue popped up.

(Jimmy Morris) #11

So you think if Colorado scheduled 4 games, they would have been willing to schedule a third road game so we didn’t have to have 3 road games? That was my point.

(Patrick) #12

Looking at P5 schedules for 2020, here are the schools that realistically wouldn’t have to change anything to fit a road game in their schedule.

(Mike Higdon) #13

I never had a problem with Mack Rhoades. I thought he was a good AD.

(gpropes) #14

James Dickey and Tony Levine agree with you.

(Dustin K) #15

From your list:
Texas A&M
Georgia Tech
And maybe Nebraska (makeup for that game they canceled years ago)

Other shots in the dark:

(Cary) #16

What about Tom Herman and Kelvin Sampson… do they agree too?

…and don’t give me that load of bologna that Khator forced Rhodes to fire Levine and hire Herman. That is not true. The only thing that annoyed me about Rhodes was his constant use of “mmmm-kay.”


its gonna be tsu

no way in hell we sched another p5

(Cary) #18

I still have not seen anything definitive if that was the payoff for being able to use their basketball arena. Was that actually ever reported or just rumored?


laughing really hard at this. A&M, Texas, and LSU will not play us. We are the team and school they are all actively trying to keep out of their conference. Clemson and GT maybe. Nebraska needs OC wins not games.

(Dustin K) #20

Hey, I can dream right?