Schools with most NFL players drafted

This may have already been discussed since article is 4 months
old. If so kindly disregard. It appears only G5 represented in top 50 is Boise State
at number 50 over last 20 years. Baylor comes in at 49 :(.

Very hard to recruit for kids against the P5 with this disadvantage. As
CBY would say it’s “hard cheese”. Having a breakout season maybe every 10 years
But unsustainable momentum due to being P5 coaching farm system really irritates me.
Gotta learn to appreciate our basketball program more for what they have going on !

I already appreciate our basketball program; but I appreciate our football team as well. The difference between those who expect championship contenders and myself is that I accept the reality that as a G5 team in a pro sport city trying to recruit against all the big P5 teams for talent, we will have our ups and downs. (However, I will continue to predict an undefeated season every year.) If we had more fan support, as in bodies in the stands, we could probably do better. But in Houston, the attitude is show me a championship contender for several years straight and they will jump on board.


No Alabama player has ever scored a point in a Super Bowl, believe it or not.


A few have thrown for TDs (Stabler, Nameth).

Bart Starr!

Absolutely I forgot about Starr

But can you name the only cougar to throw a TD pass?

Robert Newhouse

Tennessee has never had a Heisman winner. Four runner-ups. Hard to believe.

Poor choice of words on my part. Of course, I appreciate our football team and all the young men that choose to represent for us. A lot of work and effort and dedication they put in. I’m just more of football fan than a basketball fan. And I got to experience the best of times with the “now it’s 3 out 4“ years and Phi Slamma Jamma too. So I keep waiting for a return to times like those.
I know it’s now a different era.

Maybe more of us need to get behind the basketball team now. Does BB have a dedicated booster group like the 59ers ?

Interesting. I only looked at the bottom 10 or 15. Lots of bad teams in there. You’d think with all that additional talent, some of those teams could make waves–but not so much.

Point is, we’ve made more success in the past 20 or so years than quite a few of those teams. So apparently we’ve played above our talent level a bit.

Yea, I’d rather we move up the list . . . .

Draft picks are nice and all, but I bet we rank higher in number of players actually on an NFL roster, which is what ultimately matters. I like to think it is because the UH mindset is less entitled.

There is no competing for a “national championship” (quotation marks are very poignantly purposeful) at the University of Houston. A good team is a 10+win team and/or a conference championship.

It is nice to win bowls, but not a make or break for me. However, losing a bowl is one thing, looking unprepared and uninterested is another.

Good points. Reasonable expectation is getting to big bowl and beating a
P5 opponent. That’s our ceiling in this era . I can be “satisfied” with that to a degree if it’s not
once every 10 years or less. Getting a coach that is way above average, has charisma that players can relate to and believe in , and recruit, is a tough find. And said coach wants the challenge of the environment we live and is not constantly interviewing for “better” jobs. All G5’s want this guy. Probably most P5s too.

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Good question about undrafted free agents and how we stack up
in comparison over last 20 years. Any kid that makes an NFL roster or
even the practice squad for 1 year I’d consider as having made it. CRob, Ward, and
Keenum immediately come to mind. Big Ed, Seabas were drafted . I’m sure there
are many I’m overlooking too.

Edit- For 2020 I found this and G5 had only 2 from
Memphis and USF. This list leads me to believe that
P5 will dominate on undrafted as well :frowning:

The talent likes to go to P5s regardless of rank within the P5s and the money is with the P5s so the better coaches are going to follow the money.

Yes sir, your one sentence accurately sums it up.

What we need is the coach that has all the necessary talents and skills AND is enough of a rebel that he wants the additional challenge of doing
it here in Houston despite the P5 cartel setup. And
chasing money is not his ( or her ) total thing in life.
Does that person even exist ?

I’m also starting to think the much hoped for
big conference realignment, when existing contracts are up, is going to be a big let down. The dollars
for expansion would have to be a huge increase for
most existing P5 members to approve. And the top
1/3 elite P5 members would not want the additional competition. Im not sure there is any non P5 out there that can do that. If that is the case, how many
would want to continue with the existing setup of
maybe having one New Years bowl invite every 10-15 years with the head coach search every 2-3 years ? Or would you prefer setting up a real playoff for the G5 only ? Anybody remember when the old AFL was the other,and not as good, league ?
Eventually, by existing, it was able to merge into
the NFL. Same I think as what happened with the NBA and the ABA.

Just to be clear, I’ll support UH no matter which road we go down.

The top 25% of programs may break away from their conferences if universities actually got paid for what they delivered via market value. Today they are being paid for what the conference is expected to be delivered and the top half or at least the top 25% of the conferences are being underpaid where the bottom half or at least the bottom 25% is being overpaid via their broadcasting contracts.

I am a big proponet of paying universities for what they deliver real-time and get away from the socialistic and highly dated conference model.

I actually believe a university like UH would thrive more under a get paid as you deliver model versus this top end G5 model. Everybody gets a real time carrot in front of their faces.

Most coaches are going to chase the money when they are successful because they will be fired if they are not successful. There is no loyalty anywhere these days.

No doubt. Coaches have become high priced vagabonds or mercenaries.

Just look at our CB coach turnover since Jan and the history of all three job tenures.

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