Scott Frost and his staff will coach UCF’s bowl game

(Eric Prado) #1


F*** Tom Herman


Frost is a Class Act.

(Jimmy Morris) #4


(Marcus) #5

But Herman is classy. He stayed to coach Ohio St bowl game.

(Randy ) #6

Sumlin stayed at OU thru their bowl game too. Of course, both were more about not burning bridges with legendary coaches. What Scott Frost is doing is awesome. Kudos to him.

(Dan) #7

Kudos to Nebraska as well for letting him.


It also shows how the players feel about him, even though he is leaving.


But but I thought it was so important to get to that new team for recruiting purposes.


For his ring and bonus

(Randy ) #11

It is and I’m betting he will be splitting time.

(Brad) #12

Scott Frost will bring Nebraska back to glory. How a coach handles this tells you a lot about them.


Such a myth. Look at what Herman did in Houston and Meyer did in Florida after staying to coach the bowl game.

(Midwest Coogs Fan) #14

Class move by Nebraska and by Scott Frost.

Nebby is looking at his hire a long term investment, not just a splash hire.

And I agree with others, the previous Houston coaches and their suitors handled the situation very poorly and it speaks to their commitment (fame and money).

Frost will be able to look his UCF players and employers in the eyes forever.