Scott & Holman Pawdcast 323: Men's/Women's Shooty Hoops Close 2017 Hot, Offensive Coordinator Update, Deontay Anderson

(Patrick) #1

Back together in Houston for the last time for a while, Dustin and Sam return to do a Zapruder Family-style, frame by frame breakdown of Major Applewhite’s appearance on the ESPN Coaches Film Room during the New Years Day Playoff Semi-final games.

At the very end they squeeze in an update for men’s and women’s shooty hoops opening up AAC play with wins and a HUGE match-up with Wichita State on the road this coming Thursday. There’s also a bit of discussion about the newest OC name of intrigue and highly-touted transfer Deontay Anderson returning home to the Houston area to play for Cougar football.

(Patrick) #2

(Monte P Gilliam) #3

what name for OC, Pray?? not everyone has access to listen to this …i dont…

(Patrick) #4

They mainly talk about Mehringer’s name since that was the latest to be tossed around.

(Monte P Gilliam) #5

Doubt Mehringer was ever seriously considered …Only one to toss his name around was that guy who does Orangebloods…our board needs to be smart enough to ignore nonsense like that…it appears Apple will talk to his coaching candidates at the convention…my guess is, contacts and meetings have already been set up by CMA…we’ll know soon…