Scott & Holman Pawdcast Episode 308: Tech Heartbreak, DIEGO BOCANEGRA, Temple Preview

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Link to Episode 308

This may be our most action packed episode ever. We talked all the usual football season stuff (Four Word Reviews, Pick Em etc) in addition to going over the good and bad from the Tech game and previewing Temple for the coming week with help from our new friend Matt Vender from OwlScoop (who was great and came on when our original guest had to cancel last minute).

Also, burying the lede but we had on Cougar Soccer coach Diego Bocanegra as the first ever head coach to appear on the Pawdcast (though we’ve interviewed Whitting a couple different times in practice/post game settings). At the risk of predicting greatness early in someone’s tenure he’s going to be the first coach to make UH Soccer a force to be reckoned with. The guy loves UH and was exceedingly accommodating with his time for us.

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