Scumlin coming to TDECU next year

(Cary) #1

Set to be named HC at Zona. If Benedict is there and Scumlin is there, should we see if we can get Dismel, Judas, and the love coach to come too.

(Dustin K) #2

Bringing a Ouiji Board?

(David) #3

Art can come watch his son…long sleeves and all.

(Cary) #4

He has to hide the tats.

(Monte P Gilliam) #5

Scummie coming back to H town with the cats?? Oh, that should be fun!!


Scumlin back to Houston I love it!!!

(Patrick) #7

The elder Helton is still alive. Believe he assists his son Clay at USC, but he’s not on staff there.

I’d take an OOC of USC, UT, Arizona, and UTEP though

(Patrick) #8


Should be fun. Hated way he left but at least he let the coaches stay through The Ticket City Bowl. He did bring the program back to heights it hadn’t been in some time. He got his karma back in spades having to deal with the Aggie cult clowns.


Wow, actually a good get for Arizona, I figured he’d be in high demand. Tucson is the place where dreams go to die though…


I can’t believe this is happening! We almost never have the opportunity to stick it to a former coach on the field. I have already circled the date on my calendar. Can’t wait!


I’ll be above the tunnel when he comes out on the field.

(Alfred Matthews) #13

He deserves a standing O

(Cary) #14

for crapping on us?

He accomplished a lot while he was here, but he also crapped the bed when it mattered the most…

No conference titles and a blown opportunity as a BCS buster to the Sugar Bowl.

(James Duncan) #15

Unless the narrative has changed since, he interviewed with ATM the week of the USM title game.
This with having an undefeated team and a future Super Bowl winning QB at the helm.

About as scummy as you can get.


I agree with Cary. Just like at A&M, he won some significant regular season games here, but never won a conference championship and bailed on a team loaded with seniors because he was more concerned about his next paycheck than winning here. He will never have my respect.

(jb) #17

I’ll believe he’s gotten the job when someone a little more reputable than reports it.



looks like we already missed the announcement. lol

(Cary) #19

(jb) #20

Still seems like speculation and unconfirmed information. SB Nation and all of its offshoot websites aren’t really in the business of reporting news but aggregating it.