Sean Frazier: the AAC is a legitimate Power Conference whether you like it or not

(Patrick) #1

Note: I’ll save you the counting up the amount of wins that the AAC has over the P6 teams. The AAC has 35 wins over power conferences since 2013. This is extremely impressive as that is an average of 7 games won against a power conference, per season. Keep in mind, I did not include AAC wins over fellow conference members, despite them being ranked in the top 25. The teams below were all in the Top 25 at some point from 2013 to present.

Teams ranked in the Top 25: Cincy, Louisville, UCF, USF, Memphis, Houston, Navy, Temple, ECU. Tulsa had received votes.

(Ben B) #2

Seriously! Show me the money!!!


He also forgot Houston over Arizona in 2017 in his list.

And the result of the poor bowl record is directly related to the fact that more than in most conferences, the teams in the AAC have been competing with a different head coach in the bowl game than they had during the regular season.


Also, UCF just won the National Title.

(P5_OR_BUST) #5

You can’t just anoint the AAC as being a power conference. At least as far as revenue is concerned . But looking at football performance, yes a case could be made. The case could be made stronger by factors (e.g more scheduling with P5 powers) beyond AAC control (the AAC can’t force recalcitrant P5 powers to play AAC programs!)

Financially, Big 12 is paying $38 million per team in 2017! When AAC gets close to that amount then we can call it a “legitimate” Power conference. Until then it’s just another underpaid, overperforming Power Conference wannabe! The worst performing P5, Pac is paying close to $30 million.


Corinth i saw a mens bball bracket on twitter or somewhere that was all filled out normal except the winner of the whole thing was UCF. Really funny.

(Dustin K) #7

Unfortunately the power designation is a made up class based solely on how well a league negotiated their tv rights and access to the CFP. It has nothing to do with on field competition or academics.