Season Ticket Dot Counting

We are down to about 900 seats left in the arena, about a month ago it was about 980. We are selling about 3 seats per day. By the end of the summer we are on pace to get under 750.

Hopefully we get some urgency purchasers in the Fall right before the season starts to get us closer to 500 seats left.

The more full the arena the better!

Happy Draft Day!


My guess is that when the schedule is released we’ll see another bump in sales.


1k without seeing the schedule? Weve come a long way.


I am more excited about basketball season starting than football.


You think they’ll provide a link to watch the summer Italy games? That’ll alleviate some withdrawals i’m having.

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Secondary market resellers will buy the last few hundred when the sellout is getting close.

A solid investment for them.

It’s June. A lot of people are still buying football season tickets and will be waiting a bit for basketball. Give it intil at least September before we know how many seats we will have left – if there are still any by then.

How sweet does that sound ?!!
Things are really going well UH Hoop way.

Agree but Dana helped to close some of the gap for me. Football might be a nice appetizer this season.

i hope UH holds some tickets for mini plans and single games for fans that can not afford season tickets because of travel distance


This is what the issue was last season with all of the empty seats. We all saw how many seats were available on the secondary markets the day before games. So, my hope, is that somehow the ticket office knows who are the re-sellers, and does not sell to them.

I don’t wish to see so many empty seats again at “sellouts”.


I was just about to say, now we can look forward to people whining about empty seats when we have soldout the arena. Looks like it has already started. Lol
One more time, this is all arenas and all the major sports. Especially basketball when people have to get seats to be in the building and know they cannot make a number of the games and aftermarkets which probably buy about 20% Of the seats.
Be happy we are making money on every seat.


Going to an extreme, are you saying that you’re ok with every seat being sold and only 2,000.00 attend? Yes, that is an extreme. So, at what point, is it not ok with you?

It is what it is. What’s the point in whining about it when we are making money and selling all the seats.
This is light years from where we have been since the early 80s.


I know my son and I are season ticket holders this year and there will some games we will have to miss due to his job and my not liking to drive at night lol.
I am just glad that there is once again actual interest in UH basketball and hoping the students will continue to be on the bandwagon no matter how the team starts.
I have been a Coog fan for many years and tell you guys that having a problem of everyone not showing up for a given game is not the end of the world. As bad as we have drawn in previous years having this many tickets sold is amazing news.
And don’t forget we sold out an entire season during Clyde’s first year as head coach…and anyone who was around then can remember the sparse crowds towards the end of the season even against the better teams.
I don’t think we will have that problem this year…go Coogs…
Oh, and one more thing, I would love to have the same problem with our football team this year…


I think the students were great last season. I would like to see our ticket office release an extra 5% more for student seating. There are always going to be no shows when you are releasing them a week ahead of time and that is the one area we can adjust.


I remember Clyde NOT showing up for some of the games !:sunglasses:


I remember him not showing up several times for his television gig and I think he was late to games more than once lol…

Yes, another great hire by Chet the Jet !

I am having a hard time following this thread… so how many season tickets have been sold?