Season ticket renewals?

Any word on how we did?

I have moved to Atlanta and was on the fence about renewing as I won’t be going to many games, if any. I’ll need to give it more thought.

They extended the deadline. Probably fell below expectations.

That right there is reason enough to not move to Atlanta.

What is the new deadline?

may 15th.

Well, May 16th is here. Any news on the renewals? Time to start getting the new grads to sign up.

Yea I wish the new seat upgrade progress would start

I just want to know if my seats are changing. My section lost seats.


Boom! Got my tickets today! Looking forward to another season.

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UHFan79 - Did you receive your tickets or just making the comment you have renewed? I have my renewal in the works with the three payments plan.

Are they going to have the family pack again? it’s not offered on the internet yet.

Paid in full over the phone by credit card. But, no, did not physically receive tickets yet. Sorry if that was misleading.

Went by ticket office today to inquire. Was told that the seating changes/selection process would start in about 2-3 weeks and that I would get a phone call whenever I was next selection up.

Has anyone heard how many season ticket renewals we have this year?

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Does say much for the organization of the department when they don’t even have a date set for the selection process to begin.

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I used to work in ticket sales back in the 70s when it was in Hofheinz. Unless you have been there it is almost impossible to imagine how difficult that job is. Most ticket buyers were pretty patient and decent. But, I had customers - UH fans and students - say some pretty incredible things when it didn’t go exactly the way they wanted. And I’m sure that it is not as easy as just pointing to a calendar and picking a date. Lots of variables at play here.

Unless Hunter tweets out an update, I would not expect to hear anything until August or September.

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