Season Tickets go on sale 8/2 10:00 am

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We didn’t sell out? Or we’re making the whole thing season tickets?

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My thoughts. If it’s all seasons that is huge.

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Wow…1,000 seats not renewed. I guess that is after the wait list is exhausted as well. I’m really really surprised by this.

based on the upgrade process I’m thinking they’re making the entire stadium available for season tickets.

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That’s basically how established programs do it. Roughly 85% ST.

ur surprised at UH fans lol

So you use this as an opportunity to take a shot at UH fans. We SOLD OUT two years ago and held back 1,000 seats. So two years later I would expect a few more than usual not renewing. Also hoping they just go ahead and let us sell the thing out. People want tickets they can go to the after market sites. Hoping we make a huge push to get the students filling out their section for every game. I am sure the floor seating will not be a problem.

exactly with a final four team in a reduced capacity arena it should be SOLD OUT, no reason for it not to , this is why we are not in a P5, more so on the football side though

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Don’t they keep a certain amount of seats open for single game tickets as well though?

yes i think so, dont understand why, just sell the place out and be done with it, get the money while u can lol

Not sure how I see any negatives with the current state of our basketball sales. We sold out a number of games 3 years ago, sold out all available seats 2 years ago and would have sold out the arena again last season and will easily sellout all seats they release to the public this season.

The only difference I hope to see this season from two years ago is our students filling out their allotment . An hour before game time we need to start selling the available student seats as GA.


Exactly. If you’re in this thread complaining about season ticket sales you’re not the smartest honestly. Every game will be jammed this year.

I wanted seats in club 102 or 103, loge and there was none available. Then I wanted to get in the terrace, none available there. Then I wanted in section 113, none available there. So I ended up on 112. There were seats available in club 104 but I did not want to sit behind the visitors but next year will do if none of the preferred are available. All good seats are taken.

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I’d like to get season tickets, but without knowing how many games I can actually attend without seeing the schedule, I just can’t justify the expense.

I got mine.

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AAC games are usually played on Tu/W & Sat/Sun

Just for kicks, here were the distributions for regular season games (home AND away):

9 Sun
0 Mon
3 Tue
7 Wed
4 Thu
1 Fri
6 Sat

6 Sun
1 Mon
4 Tue
7 Wed
4 Thu
3 Fri
5 Sat

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