Seat Upgrades

I know they are doing the football seat upgrade process this week. Anyone have an idea of when they do it for basketball?

June 17th

Duce - If you are looking to upgrade your BB seats I suggest calling your Cougar Pride contact. Reason I suggest this is my football ticket buddy and I purchased 4 BB season tickets Monday (June 3) and we did not have season tickets for 2018/2019. We picked up 4 in section 104 and our view is between the 3 point arc and half court. We felt very lucky to get such quality seats. If you don’t have a CP contact then try Zach.

Agree, during our allotted time to upgrade our FB tickets, which went smooth ad we finally got to 25-30 yard line behind UH bench, Basketball came up…
Although June 17th is the day when season ticket holders can try to upgrade to better seats, CP is currently selling “unused” seats and still available.
We were able to move down in our section from last year’s row 12 to row 7 !!!
We are still going through the formal upgrade process but have already improved our location

I have been working with Taylor (she) who has been great to work with

Give CP a try

I’m actually not upgrading. I already added two seats but doing so I had to move further down the row so we coule have four contiguous. However I just was hoping someone would move during the upgrade process and I could move my block closer to the aisle. I am staying in the same section and row as last year, I was very happy with those seats and the price.

I’ll second that! She assisted me in some ticket issues (I split my allocation with my brother) and she was very helpful and accommodating. Sure is a nice change.