SEC AAC scheduling agreement


Oh, we are well aware. A loss to us is considered a quality loss. A win, and we just padded their resume.

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A&M will lean on ESPN to not put us in their schedule. We’ll get Vandy or Georgia.


if its not a&m, i hope its Georgia…they have a top 10 recruiting class …

vandy is horrible and will be horrible again…mizzou will completely depend on if jontay porter stays in the nba draft…if he does theyll be horrible too

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Wichita State - Mizzou
UCF or USF - Georgia
Memphis - Vandy
Houston - A&M

get it done Commish

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Perfect match-ups that will draw both arena and TV numbers. One can only hope! AAC would split at 2-2, possibly 3-1 with the match ups you propose.


georgia and memphis will be one of the pairings

vandy, a&m, and mizzou are the remaining 3 if we are selected for the challenge


sampson confirms that we are in the sec/aac challenge


Not surprising that we’re in it. Would love to have a game with TAMU, though I doubt it’ll happen.

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The AAC better hope Memphis lives up their hype and USF builds on last year’s success or the conference is in a lot of trouble. Right now it looks to be very top heavy.
Teams I see as being really bad are SMU, UCF, Temple, Tulane and ECU and Tulsa.

Cincinnati is going through a coaching change and complete roster turnover so not expecting much this season.

Maybe NIT caliber teams are UCONN and WSU.

NCAAA teams Houston and hopefully Memphis. I see USF as a team who can go either way but will need to beat everyone not named UH or Memphis.

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Wichita State made the NIT final four this year with an extremely young team. I think that saying they are only maybe an NIT caliber squad next season is selling them short.

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The bottom four SEC teams in '19 will play in this tourney in '20 and '21. There’s a good chance that we’ll get some good teams. For reference, if the tournament had taken place this past season and was based on the '17 standings, it would’ve included Auburn, LSU, Miss St, and Mizzou. So three teams that were at least a 5 seed in the tourney, including a Sweet 16 team and a Final Four team.


temple is literally the same roster, they only lost shizz but added a 17pt transfer from Kennesaw State…temple should be around the same…and that “same” made the tourney last year

ucf, smu and tulsa wont make a tourney, but they all got some great transfers all will almost be top 150 teams

wsu played 7 freshman last season, and had their best player sitting out (teddy allen/transfer rules)…and still made it to the semi finals of the NIT…they are now adding their best recruiting class in program history

uconn essentially returns every key player from last year except adams, and adams missed half the season anyways…they now add 3 top 100 recruits (and still have some free ships expected to go to 2019 players)…and now everyone will be familiar with hurleys system year 2


It is selling them way short. They’ll be a tourney team.

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I gave WSU NIT bound not because of talent but because I think they are well coached. Based on losing the guy who carried them they are NIT until some of the unknowns lift them.
Of course Jordan responds with some silly definitive.

Maybe I am mistaken and Rose did not declare. I really wasn’t that inspired by how they played last season so just losing Alston I see them top half of the league and NIT bound at best. They lose both and it could be quite a rebuild.


wichita by the end of the season wasnt “carried” by mcduffie which is why they got so much better .
especially since they won games by defense, defense completely carried by returning players.
(top 45 defensively)…werent even top 130 offensively…not counting the 2 teams bringing in 5star freshmen centers…wsu has the best proven depth at center next season in the aac

not to mention preseason everyone thought teddy allen (wvu transfer) was going to be their best player, and he was the best player in their preseason scrimmage…but was denied a waiver…he will play next season…
wichita is most of last years team, allen and their incoming recruiting class (below)

i think you are underestimating wichita…espcially if you think the league will be bad…i can seen a “nit” for wichita if everyone else is good and we cannibalize ourselves , but wichita will run through a bad aac

and rose is coming back, said he didnt even want to declare…temple was a tourney team who will only lose 1 key player, that returns almost its entire roster (who will all develop more), add a 18pt per transfer (this guy: )
and your putting their “at best” in the NIT?..i think temple will be back to their “borderline ncaa team” status again next year

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Until UCF had the transfer issue and Cinci had the coaching change and transfer/draft declaration issue I thought the AAC was going to be quite strong next year, perhaps even a six bid league. Now with the offseason changes, I think four is a more likely scenario.

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I will very happy with 4 if we can get that many.

From what y’all are saying is you think I am underestimating Temple and WSU.

I just never have been impressed with their effort level. The Temple we saw a couple times is not the team I saw on many other occassions. Plus they have been really poor in the middle. If the transfer comes in and produces at a high level then maybe they hang at the same last 4 in or out conversation.
As for WSU I like how they play but I do believe they need a couple newcomers to give them a big boost.

USF will be interesting what do they have that can add to they started last season. They are really close


I see our conference being a four bid league next year with a decent amount of parity. Houston, Memphis, UConn, and Wichita State into the tournament. Temple, Cincy, and USF as NIT teams. SMU and Tulsa will be towards the bottom of the conference, but will be decent. I think Tulane and ECU will still be bad, but hopefully show improvement from last year.

@pesik noted that the Temple team is the same roster as this past year’s tournament team, but I don’t think they really deserved to be in the tournament, and a lucky win over us got them in. With so many other teams improving, along with a change in their coach, I think they take a step back.

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Good coaching, and great incoming recruiting class. I’m thinking they’ll take a large step forward.