SEC AAC scheduling agreement


USF has a great chance of being a tourney team. They literally lost no one from last season.


Yeah, I think USF will be good, and their style of play is pretty similar to our own. I just think they may not be able to keep up with some of these teams that will show a lot of improvement like Wichita State and Memphis.

I guess it’s also possible that our league is a 5 bid league next year. It’s not something we’ve done before, and it would take a lot of our bottom half teams performing well in nonconference. I would have felt better about this possibility if Cronin and Cumberland stuck around for another year though.


Cumberland still can come back to Cincy.


Sure, but it makes way more sense for him to start playing professionally. He just finished a year as the conference player of the year, and the NBA tends to look more favorably at juniors than seniors. If he returned, he would be coming back to an entirely new coaching staff and use a year of his basketball career learning a new system and not earning any money for it. His value as a professional prospect would likely not increase by playing an additional year in college, so this is the time to sell at his peak value. Even if he isn’t NBA material, he can earn pretty good money in an overseas league. I don’t expect him to be coming back.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #45

Hope you are right on UCONN

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #46

Conference needs some big OOC wins


uconn should be decent…they are adding 3 top 100 players…
and you know youll be decent when only 1 is expected to start (5star big akok akok)…last year they didnt know hurleys system this year most of them will…and going by star ratings their roster is stacked

alterique gilberts health is the big question mark…the former McDonald all-american missed his first 2 full seasons to injury.and missed about 8 games last season to injury (we never played him)…but they might actually have the depth to make up even if he is injured if either freshman guards they are adding can ball

whats interesting with uconn is their roster looks formidable as is but they still have ships to give…a top 70 recruit is supposedly down to michigan and uconn…a 5star recruit list uconn is his final 5 (even though they arent expected to land him, but you never know)…and a favorite to land a 22pt transfer (but would need a waiver)


ole miss shouldnt be in it, with the provided formula that was given…but ole miss/ wichita are set to be in it as another pairing

we now know 2 of the pairings


We also have been confirmed to be in the challenge. So 50/50 we get A&M?


(Lincoln Scott) #51

Good test for us! South Carolina is tough at home. They beat a Final 4 team in Auburn and Mississippi State. They return 3 of 5 starters. Two 6’6 wings rising sophomores and one 6’11 5 man.


Damn… I wanted it to play Georgia lol. That’s ok, ill settle for SC.


@Oregon, @South Carolina. Home against BYU and Okie State. We also have that big-time ACC game CKS is super excited about. Our schedule is looking great.

(Russel ) #54

Man wonder what that ACC matcup would be! Hope its Virginia!


Wake Forest most likely. Most of the top teams will dodge us.


In what world is Wake Forest big-time? You guys keep getting football and basketball confused with one another. Big-time programs want to play other big-time programs in hoops. FYI, we’re back on the national scene.

(Dan) #57

I bet CKS family will make the drive to Columbia and show up like ECU games. This is a big game for recruiting. We’ve done well in the Carolinas need to keep it that way. Five hour drive from Knoxville it’s a nice drive I might be able to make it.

(Cristian) #58

Was south carolina the team cks was speaking about? Are we really playing to ACC teams or just the one because he knew of the SEC agreement prior to it being released. I was hoping ATM or GA to steal some recruits.

(Jimmy Morris) #59

Based on 2018-19 final NET ratings.
Houston (4) at South Carolina (81)
Houston gets a Quad 3 home game, Quad 2 road game
South Carolina gets a Quad 1 home and road game

SMU (98) vs Vanderbilt (155)
SMU gets a Quad 3 home game, Quad 3 road game
Vandy gets a Quad 3 home game, Quad 2 road game

Memphis (46) vs Georgia (122)
Memphis gets a Quad 3 home game, Quad 2 road game
Georgia gets a Quad 2 home game, Quad 1 road game

Wichita State (83) vs Ole Miss (36)
Wichita State gets a Quad 2 home game, Quad 1 road game
Ole Miss gets a Quad 3 home game, Quad 2 road game

Final tally
AAC gets:
One Quad 1, three Quad 2 and four Quad 3 games.
SEC gets:
Three Quad 1, three Quad 2 and two Quad 3 games.

Unless Vandy and Georgia improve a lot and South Carolina a little bit, this deal greatly improves the SEC OOC SOS more than the AAC OOC SOS. We better be seeing at least an equal financial split for this.

(Lincoln Scott) #60

Great analysis Jimmy! At least its better than some of our low tier non-con games (ex: alabama a&m)