(Gary Taylor) #1

I was reading where the SEC commishioner says he is against expanding the CFP — -wait till the SEC is excluded from the playoffs and see what he says. Probably will have the attitude of the Big 12 (-2) that they were disadvantaged.because they lost a game and the 2/3 loss team won their championship game. and will look to find a way to always be included- i.e. get approval of a championship game like the Big 12 (-2) .rather than expand…

(Bryant Hargrave) #2

Pre-disposed bias today the SEC ensures that they will never be left out. There a better chance of G5 making the playoffs than the SeC getting left out.

(sarkcoog) #3

The SEC & SEC network has contracts with ESPN. So does the ACC.

Most likely they will always have a team in the ESPN Invitational Football Playoff.

“UCF undefeated National Champions”