SEC Championship

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My thoughts on the game via Gridironnow. Remember, I get paid per page click so I’d appreciate the support. I’ll have a game preview of our bowl game up in the next week or so. It’s going to be brutal trying to scout Marshall or whatever no-name team we get to face if it’s the Frisco Bowl.


I clicked you Jimmy. Now, how about a small opinion on the real game on Sunday?

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Thanks Rick? Are you talking about the Vikings at the Falcons or the Texans at the Titans? I’m conflicted honestly. Living in Atlanta you know I’m a huge Dirty Birds fan. They have a lot of unfinished business to take care of but won’t be able to do it until they make the playoffs (which isn’t guaranteed though they’ve won 3 in a row).

I’d love for Keenum to pass for 300 yards and the Vikes to lose. lol. I really don’t know much about them, but the Falcons have two of their defensive backs hurt via concussion and may not play (Trufant at CB and Poole at nickel) which would really hurt them. The Falcons are starting to hit their stride offensively though, and playing at home will help.

Regarding the Texans. Ehhhhh, O’Brien is trash. Savage is horrible. I don’t expect anything from them until Deshaun Watson (a Gainesville, Ga native- my current residence), and JJ Watt come back fully healthy.


Ha, yes the Vikings game. I think those Birds are going to get destroyed.

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Jimmy, the Vikes D has been playing solidly. Should be a terrific game. Your DBirds are only favored by 1 at home. What does Las Vegas know?


Jimmy are you going to do a write up on how Case soundly defeated your ball squad?

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LOL Rick. No sir. But I did write on Georgia’s dominating win over Auburn.


Well I guess I’ll read about that then. Good luck to those bulldogs!