SEC, ESPN strike 10-year deal starting in '24

Rich get richer.

According to Sports Illustrated this is a 15/8 package that CBS was paying $55 million for, ESPN/ABC will be paying around $300 million.

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And there will be no money left for G5s since all the new P5 contracts will be increasing.


I thought they were losing money and firing people. Guess it was a lie.

Well I guess we will move to :heavy_plus_sign: because we have a “No Negotiator”.


Many people were so pumped by the AAC’s new deal but it rolls up hill. Every dollar more we get the P5, especially the SEC, B1G get x10 or 20. There is no winning this game.


We would be overjoyed with 20 mil per team since everyone else is approaching 100 mil per. But we need a real Commissioner, not the Bill Obrien of Commisioners like we have!

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