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(Jimmy Morris) #1

Went on to the UCF ESPN page and saw a video of an Auburn/UCF talk. The guy on the right says something like “Auburn players look at the tapes and see UCF playing Tulsa, Tulane … Houston.” One, it’s a good example of what people that don’t crap about us still think about us. Two, proof he doesn’t know crap about anything outside the SEC is that UCF didn’t even play Tulsa, Tulane or Houston this year. SMDH



It always makes me laugh when we beat P-5 teams and they call it an upset. lol If they’ve been paying attention to our Coogs, and conference, they would know that these wins are not upsets. They need accept their losses like the rest of us.


We’re probably the only AAC team he could think of off the top of his head. We seem to be an odd choice as proof of bad competition after the last few years of beating high profile teams.


AAC games this year vs other Conferences…UH is NOT the issue
Our win vs Arizona on road is probably best OoC win for AAC this year

(Eric Prado) #5

Ugh. 0-5 vs big12


2-0 vs PAC12!

(zx504) #7

Great chart… 7-13 vs P5+indy
17-17 overall when you take out the FCS