SecArmy open to renaming bases currently named for Confederate Generals

Good move.

We may soon see an end to “Fort Hood,” “Fort Bragg,” “Fort A.P. Hill,” “Fort Lee,” “Fort Gordon,” “Fort Benning,” “Fort Polk,” “Fort Rucker,” and “Fort Pickett.”

Maybe they’ll keep “Camp Beauregard” because of his post Civil War activities.


About time!

What other country honored rebellious losers?


Ireland for one.

They have a monument to the failed rebels from 1798.

Not quite the same thing. Almost all former colonies have monuments to people that occupying colonial powers would label rebels.

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Still, an honor to “rebellious losers.”

That said, what are your top recommendations as to what we should renamed Fort Hood, here in TX to?

How about Fort Davy Crockett?


I don’t think that’s how the Irish see it

They never should have named for confederates.


What do you suggest as a new name for Fort Hood, TX?

Fort Grant, Fort Tecumseh, Fort Eisenhower, Fort Patton, Fort Buford. There are many more.

Fort Houston, baby!

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There’s ALREADY a Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio.

And Sam Houston was asked to resign as Governor of Texas because he refused to betray the United States of America.


We already have Fort Sam Houston but could change the name to fit the size. But it should represent military from the state of the base. We have certainly named plenty of our schools after Texas revolution participants and we could do the same. The bases are major parts of most of these states and have been for a long time. Local state representation would be best. It doesn’t have to be a general.

That certainly works. We have named plenty of schools after Davy. One of his best quotes is about going to Texas to fight.


Fort Eisenhower is possible as a replacement name for Fort Hood, given that Eisenhower was born in Texas.

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Fort Crockett was located in Galveston.

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Wouldn’t mind Fort Keenum one bit !


How about one for the little guys…Fort (G.I.) Joe.

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