Seems to be a done deal

Not 100% sure how to link it properly but

How long is the coaching search usually?

Hopefully no longer than a week so we can keep our recruits.

Maybe, but this is the same guy who said he was closing in on a deal with LSU yesterday.

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UH won’t keep all of their recruits with a new coach on helm.

UH needs to make a statement and swiftly assemble a high quality staff. This will be very interesting to watch. I sincerely hope we’ve already been working behind the scenes because it’s been obvious Herman is bailing since SMU.

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Since SMU, even Ed Oliver tweets made a lot of sense now. Seems like he had one foot out the door already. Let’s use that money we have now on a quality overall coaching staff.

PLEASE, UH, don’t hire any burnouts like Kiffin.

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False report again!

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