Selection Sunday

They should at least go forward and announce the field that would have been in the Dance. At least you can put up a banner with the fact that you were in.


Agree. 100%.


I agree!
At least let those who earned the right to be in the dance get credit for being in it


Would be huge for the sport. It’s just dangling right now with no closure.

Announcing the brackets would generate endless discussions on how the tournament would play out. It would be a great distraction and probably be entertaining.


Postponing would be a terrible idea. The players are left in limbo for how long? And if it is never scheduled you have subjected players to a double disappointment and rejection.
I feel sorry for these guys on teams that would have made the tourney. You work for months for a goal and just when it is within your grasp it is yanked away. Life can be a (w)itch.


Absolutely, announce the brackets. I bet UT would find a way to snake their way in.

But this would completely shut out Cinderella teams that got hot in their conference tourney. I’m not completely against it, but it wouldn’t be the real tournament anyway.

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I don’t know if it’s a terrible idea or not. Because of the CBS schedule, they would have to postpone it until after The Masters. It feels like the decision to postpone/cancel falls on CBS.

Masters has been postponed.

For the most part, everyone knows who was going to get in, there will always be some controversy as there is every year, but a team that would have danced should be able to hang this years banner.

They should select the teams and have an Esports tournament.

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They’ve already started this. Here’s some un-released footage of UH v. Temple in a second round AAC tournament game… Somehow, the Coogs got very hot with the corner 3…


Well if you are going to do NCAA Tourney, Need to do : NIT, CBI, & CIT…

They should broadcast something like it on ESPN? They need programming

I would take it a step further and televise the random computer simulation of the all the games!

Hmmm…I think I just gave myself an idea! Maybe for fun I’ll post what I find.

If they don’t decide to release an official one, maybe I’ll just use Lunardi’s.

Stay tuned…

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I like it…

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Glad I’m not the only one with this idea. Just posted below on another site.

Yes they should make a 68 team bracket and then they should play the tournament but have a few players from each team play NBA2K from their own locations and broadcast it. People would watch the heck out of that it would be awesome.

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