Sells leaves team

Really bummed about this…

why?? kid looked at he competition and realized he would have a tough time playing…

Yup it’s unfortunate. What’s scary is Allen looked maybe avg in spring game. If he goes down then what?

Bryson Smith

McClendon has been acting as the backup recently, so I guess him.

I love Bryson Smith, but not fair to him. Wish CMA could redshirt him, then hand him the keys in 2018. Let’s ride or die with Kyle Allen.

D’Eriq King


I’m not seeing this reported anywhere. Is there some tweet or statement out there?

See thread

I like D’Eriq King, but it seems like he is always injured or nick up. I believe he miss a few games last year, and didn’t even suit up for the Spring game this year. Pretty sure he is 3rd in the depth chart at QB. I think CMA may just roll him out at WR. Wish he can stay healthy enough to see how he does at QB.

Critical to bring in another pretty good prospect at QB for the 2018 class for depth.

He’s only been with us one season.

I thought this might happen. Whenever Applewhite would talk about the quarterbacks he would list Allen postma and king but would never mention Sells. I thought it was odd at the time that he would leave out Sells but I guess maybe it makes sense now.

I haven’t seen one.

He was being mentioned along with Allen as 1 of 2 QBs (Allen) that would be getting snaps in the spring but came down with a sports hernia right before spring camp started that seemed to keep him out for most of it. At one point in camp, CMA said that he’d be back right after spring break, but he only come back in drills, but no contact.

If he is leaving, my guess is it’s because he basically knows he’s behind the 8 ball as Allen and King are ahead of him with Bryson Smith coming in. Throw in McClendon and Postma and Sells is probably seeing another year of no playing time. Might as well move on now.

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Bryson is very talented but he needs a year in the weight room to bulk up. But I agree, he eventually is going to be an impact player here…

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Why has everyone written off Postma? He might be too injury prone to be a full time starter but he definitely is a quality backup.

I like Postma coming in as a back up. He has always provided a spark against teams who have not prepared for him. However, in the starts he got when teams had a chance to prepare for him, he has not been good. He’s a great athlete, but not a great passer, which severely limits his impact. Honestly, I would rather seem him back at WR. I just think it’s a better fit for him and the team at this level.


This is how I tend to see it, too. Postma is a really good backup QB. I’d like to see him behind Allen and put King back in the slot, where he proved himself to be very effective last year.

Then again, this is based on not having seen DK play a single down at QB. He may very well be our best 2nd option. Hell, while perhaps not likely, it’s possible that he may be our best option period.

Postma will be the back up to KA unless Kyle is out for a certain amount of time. Then King would switch from Wr to QB where he would start. Makes no sense to keep King in the bench if he ain’t going to start at QB. Therefore, he is the 3rd string Qb in the depth chart.

With the WR situation, I picture King being a duel threat. He might be a starting WR this year, so his time won’t be wasted while he waits his chance at being a starting QB.

JD said on periscope the school will release information about Bowman soon.

He also mentioned Patrick Carr leaving the team. No specifics but thats what he was told.

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