Senior Bowl Invite Opinions

Who else besides Stuard are possible Senior invites in your opinion?


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Maybe Speedy or Payton Turner.

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Stevenson was a headliner on their preseason list.
Turner is too high on draft boards not to be invited

Those are the only 2 for sure …Anderson finishing the year extremely strong might have a chance
After that it’s unlikely for the rest

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Invited to what, the senior bowl? The combine? Thanksgiving at the Holgorsen house?

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senior bowl

Marquez now a top 5 receiver according to Walter Football. He may opt out of attending the senior bowl to focus on the Combine.

I imagine Turner and Stuard will go. Turner could potentially push him to the first round with a good showing. Stuard will probably hope to move himself out of the 5th-UDFA range to a more 3rd-5th round range with a good showing.

I think Turner if he ever gets healthy enough to play well, Stevenson, the same. Also Stuard but as a nickle I think Braylon has a shot too.

I see only Stevenson and Stuard received invites. I am very shocked by that. Unless there is another list I did not see. Only Grant had accepted so far.

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