Seth Romero Booted From Nationals ST


Yikes. Some people never learn.

((ㆆ _ ㆆ)) #2

He’s thrown away his great potential with his immature behavior. How many kids would give anything to have the opportunities he’s had and tossed aside? Really is a shame. Maybe at some point he’ll figure it out.

(Butch) #3

His sister told me this afternoon that he will be going back to New York to play Class A ball…the young man just oozes with talent, but until he matures all that talent remains irrelevant…

(Matt Jackson) #4

Million dollar arm: Ten Cent Head

(Patrick) #5

I’d be surprised if he ever makes it to the Show. Has never shown that he can keep it together.


Hopefully he gets it together soon.


I don’t give him credit for being part of Cougar baseball. When it comes to UH and romero… he’s the guy who got kicked off the team twice for being a selfish idjit. How many more times is he going to be disciplined before he gets it? Me: who cares now.