Shame on the NBA

We all enjoy freedom. We sometimes do not remember it. The Honk Kong demonstrators is the latest example on how a so called government can impose its power on its own people.
Mr. Morey’s comments represents the freedom that we all enjoy. On the other hand the NBA and the CBA despicably SOLD OUT to the Chinese dictatorship. The Chinese are offended? We can all remember what happened during and after the Tianannem Square massacre. In China it is as if it never happened. School children have no knowledge of it, none.
Since then:
Google is partnering with the Chinese dictatorship to censure its own google search engine.
Apple has repeatedly ignored human rights violations.
Nike has one of their biggest Chinese factories next to an internment camp.
China has your cell number number and media products under surveillance 24/7. They also have installed a “party point system” The more you express your support to the dictatorship the more points you gain. Negative points? They shut down every media that is on your possession. They also have installed an outdoor camera “face recognition” system. They can trace every step you make the second you are outside.
Did I mention that Chinese citizens are not allowed to travel outside of the country if they are not in line with the dictatorship? Yes, every single Chinese student is carefully selected to travel and study abroad.
All of the above is common knowledge. We do forget what happened yesterday but how can we understand today?
The NBA and the CBA choose this path like the other companies that I mentioned. Remember freedom is not free. Shame on the NBA.


The Commissioner just came out in support of Morey. China has banned all NBA games in retaliation.

This is always the problem with getting involved with countries that don’t have freedom in their best interests.

The NBA apologizing for the tweet summed it up.
James Harden’s comments has nothing to do with China. It has everything to do with $ going in into his checking account.
Only now the commissioner is defending Morey’s right of freedom of expression. This is damage control at its best.
The latest news on Honk Kong is that the Chinese military will intervene if the demonstrators do not stop. Can you imagine another Tianannem Square? We can it already happened.


The latest nba news have been a utter embarrassment.
We now have a “societal/cultural” moment.
We can’t seem to understand what a communist dictatorship is all about. How did we get there? Remember freedom is not free. A spade has to be called a spade. In this case a murderous spade.
The so called people’s republic of china is a communist dictatorship. It is not a free country.
This is for the Kerr, popovitch and others.

There is another dictator just a few hundreds miles away.

Steve Kerr, Popovich and others are an insult to the chinese and Koreans that are imprisoned in reformation camps.
Freedom has a cost. The nba choose to contribute to dictatorships. I am all for playing in China but this is not an accident that China is telling us what to say and not to say. They felt insulted? That sums up the difference between a free USA and a Chinese dictatorship.

Afraid to call out Tilman? Fertitta’s omission in this string of posts is extremely conspicuous.

You are right. Tillman Fertitta did not make himself proud. Prior to this Houston Rockets were the most popular franchise in China. The entire nba, including Tilman only have themselves to blame.

Too much BS nowadays, from Kapernick to Morey venturing away from their purpose to the public. They need to stick to football and basketball . Especially the Kapernick types who are making a political statement on the NFL’s time . They need to demonstrate on their own time.

He comes LeBron with his uneducated press conference.
All of this is the result of basic education. A terrible education is the downfall for any society.
To even defend a communist dictorship is extremely frightening.
Should we be surprised? Unfortunately not but think about the consequences.
The biggest challenge that we face is to give a proper education to our children. The best way to combat ignorance is to expose what a communist regime is about. The chinese dictator latest words sums it up.

China threatens to ‘crush bodies and shatter bones’ of anybody who trying to divide the country in chilling veiled warning to Hong Kong protesters

How is that for freedom LeBron?

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It’s not about freedom…its about money.

Everyone has a price to be bought and look the other way. Now we know what it takes to buy the NBA.

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