Shannon Dawson


Don’t give Neal Brown too much credit. He didn’t exactly light up the SEC when he was OC at Kentucky. Dawson had the exact same results. Won when he was suppose to and lost as was expected. The Air Raid has been difficult to take hold in the SEC. Dawson won’t be calling plays but he’s worked with Air Raid coaches and will be used to come up with the offensive game plan.

(gpropes) #24

Yeah, I wouldn’t read too much into his Kentucky experience. Neal Brown and Eddie Gran got a lot dumber at Kentucky, too.

I would, however, look at his Southern Miss experience quite closely.


I’m not sure why we’re looking at anything closely for Dawson. His title is offensive assistant coach, which doesn’t sound like it has much responsibility. He’s not calling plays and doesn’t sound like he’s coaching a position group. Maybe he’s like an advanced scout or research boy for CDH. Not sure why he’s even on the staff, but it doesn’t sound like his previous OC success/failure is something we need to worry about. Just my opinion.

(Sam) #26

Likely the RBs or TE coach. Won’t be calling plays.

(Patrick) #27

Yep, waiting on other hires to determine his actual position.


He’s CDH’s wingman.


Beer assistant.


I believe a lot have to do with Clements situation


Mike Nesbitt was at SFA too. Just sayin…

(Randy ) #32

Nesbitt was right after Dawson and only for a year. He kept SFA’s offense at about the same level (slightly worse) as Dawson had it.


Exactly. How did that work out for us?

(Randy ) #34

Not well but a Nesbitt redo isn’t coming. For one, Dawson isn’t going to run our offense.


Let’s hope not!

(Mike Higdon) #36

Nope, he’s an offensive assistant coach.

Shannon Dawson