Shotime: A Season With Navy Football

(Dustin K) #1

I wonder what kind of exposure we will get through being one of their opponents on this. Also, what do you guys thing about if Houston got a chance to be the team they follow in 2018?

(Patrick) #2

Should be decent, especially if we can win. It’ll also be their last game prior to Army/Navy (if they don’t win the division).

If our former coach was here, I’d be pretty assured that we’d be on it next year. CMA doesn’t seem like the type that would want to give up that kind of access though. If somehow we get picked, I’d watch every episode.


Saw this week’s episode. Shows team preparations for UH. Pretty good stuff.

(Dustin K) #4

What kind of exposure do we get on that episode?


Shows the highlights of the game with the Navy coaches mic’d up. Like a hard knocks episode.