Should have ran the wildcat w/ King at QB on 3rd and 1


Also, on 4th and 1, if necessary.


No way! That makes too much sense!

(Dan) #3

I thought that too on that 4th down. Motion him into the qb position like they do sometimes. Easy 3 yards.


We should have the ability to run a qb sneak. Hard to do when your 5 yards back to start.


What should have happened is the right guard and right tackle both not wiff on their blocks on 3rd down.


Really, we probably should have run the wildcat with King, or a QB sneak, on 3rd down.

(Ryon Adams) #7

In retrospect, the coaches definitely should have called that one differently.


I want to see King play. Maybe he is the next Greg Ward. Maybe he is a WR trying play QB. Who knows but the one thing about that position is that the difference between QBs is that certain something. You never know if they have that certain something until they get on the field.


The way we block, any short yardage running play is only 50/50 at best. I dont know what the % of QB sneaks made is over the last 10 years, but it has to be higher than that.

We take so much away from our Offense by not running any plays from under center.


Herman gave King the about the best compliment he could get from that guy. CTH called D’Eriq an alpha dawg. I don’t recall Tom throwing that term around much at all. Said he was a quiet and focused leader on the team. As a true freshman at that.


Judging by all the Coogfans experts, we should probably just fire our coaches immediately and let our forum posters coach the team. We’d surely be undefeated and ranked in the top 10 right now if we had done this at the beginning of the season. I just wonder with all the expert knowledge and coaching experience we have here, why did we bother hiring someone else in the first place?


Alphas are quiet. They make sure everyone knows they’re in charge. This team doesn’t need quiet leaders. it needs leaders who know when to get in a mates face and aren’t afraid to do it.

When our d was getting shredded the last two weeks, no one on the field tried to bring everyone together to settle them down and get their focus back.


Is it that people are disagreeing with your own opinion, or what?

Isn’t giving one’s “expert opinion” what a forum is for?


Um…Greg Ward was a quiet leader. Not saying King is the next Ward, but I’d take one of him anytime.

Bowser was the same. I’ll take quiet if that’s what works.


As a junior, he’s was quiet. one of Herman’s goals was to get him to be more vocal. I think he was as a senior. How can anyone lead with their mouth shut? I get you lead by example also, but you have to be vocal when that’s needed.
Look at Brady. He’s quiet MOST OF THE TIME. But when people need fired up, he’s usually the one doing it.


If you want to get into semantics…

You just provided the definition of a quiet leader. It doesn’t mean they don’t speak when something needs to be said. Nor does it mean there is no emotion involved.

And it may be worth remembering that the more Herman tried to mold Greg into his own idea of what he should be (increase vocally, mute running), the less effective Ward became


Don’t confuse CTH attempts to make Ward a leader with his attempt to make him a pocket passer. You’re right that Brady is a quiet leader. That’s why I used him as an example. Ward was not and will never be a Brady. It isn’t in his personality.

King may be different, I don’t know. This team needs on-field leaders.


Wouldn’t have had a worse record than we’ve had the last 2 weeks and might not have a worse record than the rest of the season. And you would have saved a few million dollars

(Jimmy Morris) #19

Just to be clear, for the game Birden and Catalon were a combined 4 for 4 on getting the first down on 3rd and 3 or shorter. If we had tried something like the wildcat and lost 3 yards on 3rd and 1, people would have been saying “we were running at will against Memphis in the second half and were 4 for 4 on 3rd and short, why in the world would we try a trick play?”

(shharper01) #20

Well, it appears that we tried a fake punt but that (fortunately) didn’t work because it would’ve been blown up.