Should we Open Schools in the Fall

Lets ask the Director of the CDC

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I thought you said multiple times the CDC was incompetent?

not me…link

Wrong question to and from CDC Director.

Not about his grandkids.

Let me ask the question.

If you were a teacher at your age would you be comfortable walking back into a school building?


He does not even need to be a school teacher. Just needs to come into contact with his grandkids…

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I’ll answer…Yes I would feel comfortable as long as i’m provided masks…I would use the common sense approach and play ball

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If it is determined to be unsafe for our children to open now then it is unsafe to have the schools open from November thru February since more children under 15 die of the flu than Covid-19.

Well then maybe schools should just be shut down indefinitely. It seems with so many folks running scared these days, maybe we should rethink the whole idea of having physical schools and replace them (as well as school teachers) with some new form of on-line virtual teaching systems.

Even before computers & the internet, Abraham Lincoln was a self-taught lawyer. Kind of doubt that he ever attended much more than a one room school house. So are schools & school teachers really necessary in today’s computer age?

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A big problem with parenting these days is that we rely too much on the school system and coaches, dance instructors, music teachers etc etc to raise our kids. Kids don’t even learn sports on their own anymore…everything has to be taught via structured outsourced teaching. Kids these days don’t know what to do with themselves without a formal structure vs when I grew up not too long ago.

A lot of the slack from kids distance learning can be made up at home. In fact there are a lot of upsides if the parents are willing to put the effort in.


Agree to large extent; we outsourced parenting awhile back.

Just got the plan from my kids current school about what the format will be. They are opening with physical classes in August

Basically they want kids in masks all day. Desks will have plexiglass in front of them. Teachers with face shields while instructing…masks when in close contact with kids. No physical handouts or group projects. Lunch will be held in the classroom. No recess or PE. No personal belongings.

They are basically behind a physical screen all day…guys the caliber of their education is going to be diminished either way. Might as well be at home behind a digital screen

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Nothing starting Cy Fair until September 8, at the earliest.

Supposedly, a full plan for in-person and online schooling to be released on Monday.

They’ll be fine as long as no one farts

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Is that a school district you are referring too? If yes, which one if you don’t mind? I am guessing it must be a charter school for it sounds like charter school mentality these days of trying like hell to make in school instruction work. Those plexiglass separaters between all desks had to be a nice junk of money.

I do agree it will impede effectiveness of instruction versus normal mode, but I don’t agree with as much as conducting school remote from home. Hopefully all school districts improve upon what they delivered last spring during the lock down days when they obviously were not prepared, had no BCP in place, and were not effective for the most part.

Am I mistaken, but aren’t you going the home school direction this fall or am I getting confused with another poster?

Supposedly, even their farts are far less infectious then adults. :smile:

It’s a private school.

And yeah we are homeschooling because they are pushing so hard to open with in person instruction in August. Private schools involve tuition that they are trying to rationalize, so they have their own motivations for opening.

That said, if/when we do decide to open public schools here in the fall, I suspect that a lot the same measures will be out into place. We are pushing for in person school because we want the kids to have a ‘normal’ school year, but we will not have normal until the virus is under control because of all the precautions that will need to be put into place when they threat of the virus still exists. Given the impediments to the education that will happen when we do in person schooling, is it really worth the health of not just the children but the public as a whole? If another surge comes from the schools, we will just prolong this period of surge they we are in

Our daughter was pretty much disgusted with last spring’s lock down model. We agreed with her take from what we saw and witnessed. We are assuming their remote will be better with the summer to improve upon. In theory we are OK with FBISD 3 weeks remote with roll out of in class instruction in phases starting in September. But in reality, we’re concerned with the quality of education with their actual delivery and not knowing how well they will execute with in class instruction, COVID safe practices, etc.

She has been pushing us to go to home school for years with being a competitive gymnast. We have decided to check it out and we have been doing that over the last three weeks. We have checked out options in past years but have pulled the trigger. It looks like we are going that direction. Like other competitive gymnasts they will conduct their home schooling in the gym to help get more gym time versus from school at home. COVID processes are being executed inside gyms since they have re-opened without issues.

I just read that a nine year old girl in Florida has died from COVID 19. No known contact with someone that was infected. Or possibly parents are not telling all. Also read in the same article Florida now has surpassed N Y for most cases. This is an extremely contagious virus.

Yes the distance learning my kids had in the spring was terrible, but we appreciated the school doing the best they could given the abrupt transition.

You’re right these schools should have done more to prepare for a distance curriculum in the fall just in case. Whatever they throw together in the fall if/when there is another surge will not be great again because they do not have a long-term plan in place. It is impossible to have a strong curriculum when there is no long-term plan for the year…and there is no long-term plan because no one knows what is going to happen in the fall.

The program we went with is a true online homeschool vs whatever is thrown together by physical schools at the last second. I’m personally not confident that schools will stay open this year. I just don’t see it unless there is a vaccine.

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