Should we redshirt D'Eriq King

I’m no doctor and I have no idea as to how bad King’s injury is but I sure as hell would not take any chances with the most talented player we have not named Ed Oliver.

If Applewhite lets him play against Rice then obviously it wasn’t too bad and I’m not going to worry about it but if his injury is one of those that can be easily reagravated, then it might behoove us to let him redshirt since we’re going to need a 100% King more next year than we do an 80% King this year.

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Why will we need him more next year than this year?

I prefer he hold him out until the Texas Tech game if the injury is lingering. Unless he is not ready to go for AAC play, I don’t see a redshirt being used.

If Allen leaves at the end of the year, King will be our most experienced QB coming in to 2018

Of course it would be better to sit him against Rice but I’m just saying IF he does play then he obviously good to go.

He’ll be more valuable next year since Postma graduates and Allen might opt for the NFL. If he does and King is hurt we’ll have no one with any experience starting at QB.

You mean like leave for the pros? If he has the year of years, maybe he would.

I would consider him. Heard his recovery is coming along slowly. Might as well let him heal,up.

Sorry I should have been clearer – even if good to go or thought to be, would rather sit him another week to give him even more time. Next off-season could see Allen, King and Smith all competing for the QB role. Even if Allen leaves after one year (this likely means he was really great this season), King vs. Smith will still be a good competition to watch and we should be happy with either option.

I’m really hoping Allen stays. If not for the NFL, why would he transfer to another school? I never understand grad transfers who are basically given the starting nod for the next year.

would love for him to be able to sit for the Rice game and install the “special package” against Tech so they don’t have any film on what that package looks like

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If King is healthy, he should get a chance to play this year. Not because of Allen’s future but because he should sit out as a just in case Allen leaves early. Bryson Smith was promised a shot at QB. If we ask King to sit, Allen leaves early and then Smith is close competition with King in the Spring, then what? Coaches tell King, Bryson has 4 years of eligibility and we think you can bring more to the table as a receiver. Besides all that, we have already put special plays for King in the playbook and we all know if Allen goes down, Postma doesn’t have a history of being the most durable QB. So, we sit King and then pull his redshirt halfway through the season because one of the other two get hurt?


NFL if he has a solid year. NFL scouts are high on him.

Don’t forget about Chance Amie. Kid is a man child and pretty polish as a HS quarterback.

I’d be happy for him, and sad at the same time. lol

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I think Kyle Allen is going to have to have one heck of a year to consider going pro. If he does, that means we had a really successful year and I’m good with that.

Like @Progs said, we shouldn’t forget about Chance Amie. Also, is Julon Williams going to be a QB or WR? 247 has him listed as an athlete. I sure hope we don’t waste an entire year not using Postma or King at WR. Both of those guys are incredible athletes and shouldn’t be holding a clip board all year. We have a really good problem with so many great QB options on the depth chart. I expect a fantastic competition for next year.

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And you know this how ??

I don’t see it.

I know King is very athletic; but before I anoint him “the most talented player we have not named Ed Oliver,” I think a review of his stats may be in order. Last season’s stats:
23 receptions for 228 yards; 22.8 yards per game (5th on team), 1 TD

15 carries, net 56 yards, 3.7 yards per carry, 5.6 yards per game, 0 TD’s.

2 of 3 for 20 yards and 1 TD. Longest completion 15 yards.

KO returns:
10 for 254 yards, 1 TD (a 99 yard return against Texas State)

Punt returns:
6 for 29 yards (4.8 yard average)

His most dazzling stats are his KO returns with that long one against Tx St skewing his average.

Why did I post this? Because some on here think he is the next Greg Ward. Well there isn’t going to be another Greg Ward, though King may turn out to be really good as QB or receiver. But we may have a true freshman just as talented as King (maybe Bryson Smith, I don’t know) and we have some guys on the team that have done more with less acclaim (does Bonner and Dunbar ring a bell?). And there are some other really talented guys on the defense also. Don’t forget, we will also have another crop coming in next fall.

My main point is, don’t be giving a guy a position he has yet to earn.

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Ward: 2 for 6 yards

Yeah I can see why it’s an over-reaction for people to hope King can be the next Greg Ward. Because Ward as a true freshman was miles ahead of King. (sarcasm alert)

Let’s not forget that Ward’s Freshman year, his competition for playing time at QB was Freshman O’Korn and Junior Piland who retired early in the season. King’s competition for playing time at QB was Senior Ward and Junior Postma.

There is a big difference between hoping King can be as good as Ward and anointing him as the second coming before he has earned it. If he does turn out to be as good, or even better, I will be cheering wildly. But, let him do it first.

I have the same high hopes for all of our QB signees, and the rest of the players as well. I think it unfair to preemptively dismiss them before being given even one play to show their stuff.

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Look Greg was the best “surprise” that I could have ever imagined. I doubted his abilities to LEAD us. Well he did. He surpassed all of my expectations and most importantly he gave up his health for all of us. Just remember what could have been if he had been sidelined after the okie game? He was hurting all year and was hurt even the season before. judah kept him playing knowing full well that he was jeopardizing his future. I will never forget what Greg Ward did for U of H. Is King hurt to the point that it could be a lingering issue for the entire season? Then you have to red shirt him. Medical decisions are made and I sure hope we make the right one this time around. Great to have you Johnny.

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