Shriner's Classic Game 2: Texas State @ 11am (L 9-4)

(Patrick) #1

MAR 2 (SAT) 11:00 A.M.



(Patrick) #2

Made it to the game

(Patrick) #3

Middle of the 2nd

Randel’s given up 3 hits but stranded them all

Coogs went 1-2-3 in the bottom of the 1st

(Patrick) #4

Bottom 2nd

1 out single by Bielo and a 2 out Jack into the Crawford boxes by Blake Way…Coogs lead 2-0

(Patrick) #5

Top 3rd

1 out triple and a groundout makes it 2-1 Coogs

2 out triple after a single scores another…Tied 2-2

(Patrick) #6

Top 4th

Triolo throws a ball into the stands. A groundout, a walk, and a single bring that runner home…TXST leads 3-2

That’s it for Randel. Villarreal on to pitch

Steal of 3rd (back runner gets caught) and then an infield single scores another…TXST leads 4-2

Steal and a single score another…TXST leads 5-2

Another triple and another run scores…TXST leads 6-2


Baseball team no good this year

(Patrick) #8

Bottom 5th

Way leadoff walk, 1 out Fuentes single and a Burckel walk load the bases with 1 out. Triolo with the infield single to score a run…TXST 6-3

Coogs leave the bases juiced to end the inning.

(Patrick) #9

We’ve got some major issues so far. One, we can’t hit; so much for the 7+ runs per game we heard about before the season. We do get runners on base, but we can’t bring them home. Lineup needs to be reworked badly.

Starting pitching is also an issue as we have no one that reliably can go deep into games. We’ve got depth in the pen, but we’re constantly having to throw our best bullpen arms for long innings and basically get one game a weekend out of them.

Add in that we make base running mistakes and fielding errors that are costing us runs, and we’re just giving away games again to begin the year.

Good thing is that this happens every year we play at Minute Maid and Whiting is usually able to turn things around. Bad thing is that this is Texas State; really needed to win this one.


Pray thx for doing all u do for this board, I’m in 106 for BB, u said u were in 107 I think? What row and seat, would like to come by say hi and meet u, I come in from San Antonio for all these events lol

(Patrick) #11

No problem. I’m in 107, row 15 at the end of the row.

That trip from San Antonio can be long. Had to do it for awhile a few years ago until we moved back here.

(Patrick) #12

Top 7th

New pitcher for the Coogs is Clay Aguilar.

(Cougarpad) #13

This seems to be the current state of the baseball program in that they are good enough to compete for a conference championship every year but not for deep tournament runs. I honestly think the softball program is in a better position and currently I feel like I’d rather go support the softball team if I have to choose between the two.

(Chris Alexander ) #14

Every pitcher tcu brought in hit 89 to 94 on radar. Ours were 84 to 89. Big difference

(Patrick) #15

Top 8th

2 out 2-run bomb makes it 8-3 TXSt


I can’t remeber seeing so many pitches bounce up to the plate, maybe the lack of velocity trying to keep the ball low. Yesterday Coogs got into trouble for leaving the ball up in the zone and TCU pounced

(Patrick) #17

Coogs fall 9-4.

I hope we never play in this thing ever again.

(Tom Green) #18

I tried to warn everyone b4 the season started in another thread that they don’t have the team-players at this time to be top20 consistently every year. I sure hope things get better but Pray10 is right on point w some of his comments that I also made also so won’t be repetitive. Time to pick it up Coog Baseball. #GoCoogs


Trip Couch. He gone.


Only solace is that next year UH brings in some BIG TIME JUCO TALENT (ranked #1 nationally) along with a great HS class. But yeah, this year is a work in progress.