Shriner's Classic Game 2: Texas State @ 11am (L 9-4)

(Patrick) #21

That was this year


Yeah, but it feels like were trying to catch magik just like the women’s basketball program.

(Butch) #23

It looks like we might not be up to snuff this year…but remember before you start calling for the coach’s head we have won five conference titles in a row…and also remember we have a great recruiting class coming in…


Thats the class im talking about Butch. That class is nice.


The JUCO incoming is huge. The HS incoming is such a crap shoot, just to see how many actually make it in and last past the first year.


We have a pitching coach that is absolutely horrible he does not know how to call pitches he calls 90 percent off speed and then these kids are expected to throw strikes all the time when he is trying to strike every batter out that’s why they throw to many pitches most of these kids use to throw in the mid 90’s now they are 85 to 91 we miss Frank he had these kids pound the strike zone all these kids are pitching afraid that’s bad coaching. It doesn’t help that our hitting is horrible we be a hitting coach someone who can tell a kid what he is doing wrong. A great coach would blame himself and say this is my fault how can I get these kids better

(Tom Green) #27

They are mixed Titles. Some are Reg Season Title(s) and the others are winning the Conf Tourney Titles. But yes for 5 straight yrs they have won one or the other.


I dont believe any starter is averaging 5 innings per start, maybe they are limited early in the season, but I doubt that. 3-4 innings per start puts a lot of strain on the pen. Some rough math shows the starting pitching is eating up about 35% of all our innings. If you look at Rice, Texas, Aggies, TCU, UTSA their starters are closer to 45%-55% of all innings.

Whats the deal with Derrick Cherry and Pettitte? Havent seen them pitch. Are they hurt?

(Patrick) #29

Cherry is hurt; got hurt in the Red/White game in the fall and is out for most if not all of this season.

Not sure on Pettitte. He had Tommy John two season ago, was recovering all last year, and is still not pitching this year. Figured he’d be pitching by now, but he hasn’t been in any game or scrimmage that I’ve seen so far.