Shriner's Classic Game 3: Texas A&M @ 3pm (L 3-2)

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Throwing up the thread, but I won’t be attending. I’m in too much pain as I’m not used to the 9 hours of standing, walking, and sitting I did yesterday. Hopefully, the Coogs can salvage one vs the Aggies

MAR 3 (SUN) 3:00 P.M.




Great job yesterday taking one for the team!! Always appreciate your updates and opinions.


I’ll be there with my little one, gonna meet up with one of my best friends from high school that ended up at A&M

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The grass at MMP is in awful condition. A lot of cloudy days this winter

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Ex-Coog Allonte Wingate playing for the Aggies. Glad he’s still doing well; nice kid.

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Through 3: No Score

Aggies have a hit and the Coogs have none, although Triolo did walk in the 1st.

(Patrick) #8

Top 4th

Leadoff single, wild pitch and a double put the Aggies on the board…A&M 1-0

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Bottom 4th

Aggies change pitchers after their starter got injured warming up (slipped on the mound)

Burckel leadoff single, Triolo moves him to 2nd on a groundout, Burckel then steals 3rd. Davis walks to put runners on the corners with 1 out. Coogs get nothing out of it though.

Ags lead 1-0


Just not getting the job done with runners in scoring position. 2 left stranded after two opportunities to bring runner at third home.

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Top 5th

1 out homer…Ags up 2-0

With 2 outs, Lockhart gives up a single and a walk and Rooney brings in Roedahl. Coogs had no pitchers go 5 innings this weekend.

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Bottom 5th

Ian McMillan pinch hits for Hyland with 1 out and picks up his first collegiate base hit with a hustle double. Coogs can’t move him

Ags lead 2-0


And another strikeout with a runner in scoring position with less than two outs. Tough to win without getting bat on the ball. I know, season is young, but disappointing non the less. Working on our 9th straight Shriner’s loss. Please prove me wrong!

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Bottom 6th

With 1 out, Triolo reaches on an error, Davis doubles off the wall, Way walks to load the bases. Padgett grounds into a force out at 2nd, Triolo scores…Ags lead 2-1

Ags to the bullpen. Coogs can’t get anything else

Aggies lead 2-1


Time for team to prove me wrong.

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Good seeing Roedahl bounce back after his rough outings last weekend.

Edit: I got to learn when to keep my mouth shut


For the umpteenth time this weekend, our pitchers have an 0-2 count on the batter in critical situations and either give up a walk or hit. Ags have bases loaded with no outs in top of eighth. Time to tighten it up.

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Top 8th

Ags load the bases with no outs after a walk, single, and a walk. Roedahl does get the double play, but it scores a run…Ags lead 3-1

Escapes with only the one run scoring.


Nice dp…run scores but so far disaster averted.

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Why does Enron Field hate us?