SI must really have high hopes for Football in Houston in 2018

Just look at these covers for proof and I hope the end result in 2018 will leave many Houston football fans feeling :star_struck:


Deshaun Watson is the face of the NFL

Cheers to a special season for both Coogs and Texans!

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Go Broncos!


Is he the current face or the future face of the NFL?

He looked great in his rookie year but he has only played in 7 games. I have to say I don’t watch many NFL games after I quit fantasy football a few years back but isn’t there still Brady, Rodgers, Big Ben, etc? And I am not trying to argue – just surprised that he might be considered the face of the NFL already.

I think he has taken over as the face of the Texans franchise even if JJ is back on the field.

Yeah, I don’t know that I would call him the face of the NFL yet, but he’ll be way more fun to watch than any of those guys you mentioned above at this point in their careers. What Watson did over a 7 game stretch last year was nothing short of amazing–and not just for a rookie. For anyone. If he can stay healthy, he’s going to be a super superstar.


Is this not similar to our situation with King and Oliver ? ? ? ? ?

Here’s the neat thing for this upcoming season:

Ed Oliver’s star power to us Cougars is pretty much equal to the star power of JJ Watt for the Texans.

But ultimately, for each team to be successful and achieve grand success (10 win level), it’s up to the men who wear #4

For the Cougars, our #4 is QB D’Eriq King & For the Texans, their #4 is QB DeShaun Watson

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