Greetings CoogFans,

Us Bears are absolutely thrilled we could work together and get this game scheduled on short notice. Cant wait for a future series too. Love having some non conference opponents in state each year. So encouraging to see a couple schools work together rapidly to make this work for programs, fans, and so on. is your resource for articles on Baylor Football and all BU sports. There is a number of free articles and content available but it may be worth your while to take advantage of a month of premium to read some of the really in depth stats and match up breakdowns.

The weekday afternoon radio show with David Smoak from 3-6pm is as professional as it gets. Today will feature former UH star, Elmo Wright. John McClain too. It really is a first class fan site. Id encourage you all to check the show lineup each day this week as there will be plenty of discussion on the game.

Would also love to answer any questions or offer up any suggestions for those heading up to Waco this weekend. Things to do, places to eat, visiting the campus, etc. – safe travels to those who are making their way up.

Regardless of the outcome Saturday, I’m extremely grateful to be playing football and know y’all are too. Sic’em Bears!


kudos to Baylor for finally playing UH…same thing with TT…good luck this week


Welcome to the board, and thanks for the info! I spent 3 years in Waco for law school. It’s a really cool town. Wish I could make it up there this weekend, but I just can’t. I can hardly contain my excitement for a renewing of the old SWC matchup.


We are thrilled as well! But my questions is what took yall so long? Horns?


Thanks for the info as well, Gad to hear your fans are Just as excited to play an instate rival. Looking forward to future games as well.


Looking forward to the match-ups!

Perhaps you guys could be our advocates to get us into the Big 12 as well!


Thank you and looking forward to attending the match up live!


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