Sigh, the annual UCONN needs to go back to the Big East talk has begun again

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Yes, it’s the AAC’s fault that nobody wants to go see a bad UCONN team. Has nothing to do with Kevin Ollie being a terrible coach that has a team with literally three players with any offensive skill…all guards.

There is no joy in these words. The AAC has some nice people. The mere suggestion that UConn drop football is disrespectful to Randy Edsall, a good man for whom my son would play any day. And I have no idea about exit fees, bad blood or whether the Big East would take UConn back in the first place.

This much I do know, however: I’ve talked to a few donors in recent weeks who can’t take much more of this. They see the same thing as I do, the power structure failing to take the AAC seriously. UConn’s bad hires affecting the current product. And the need to begin some uncomfortable conversations.


The next TV deal will be the tale of the tape. Got to get at least $5M per school per year.


With all the markets we have and inventory i think 8-10 is more reasonable, and is above what the pac was making before their last renegotiation (2011 60 mill annually; school year 2012-2013 increased to 250 mill per year). Add in post season bonuses and we’re doing substantially better.

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Sucks for UConn but the AAC has been great for football under the circumstances for a majority of its programs.

As far as UConn to BE.
My gym is at Causeway & Lake Pontchartrain above a Marriott Hotel in Metarie, LA.

A FOX producer was using the gym before doing a Saints game. HE also does BE hoop.

He mentioned next TV contract BE wants to add Dayton & St Louis. Fits their profile of urban schools where hoop rules & gives new markets. (not just the cities, but the region)

Women still amazing but UConn Mens Hoop is a whole different product than before. They also have St Johns & Seton Hall in that general area.

Would UConn to BE be a no brainer? Just 5 years ago, this would have been a ridiculous statement.

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Unfortunately, I feel the same way as the writer of the article.

Playing Tulsa, Tulane, Temple, ECU and yes UConn has no meaning to people in these parts !!

However, it is what it is.

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Depends on UCONNs demands.

I think the only way it happens is if our TV contract comes in lower than the Big East’s, which is what @CougarRed is referencing. Even then, UCONN admin, just like most of the rest of the conference, is angling to be a P5 expansion candidate. If they drop football, or drop it down, they probably have no shot.


Don’t think the coach is the problem. Hard to recruit goods kids from the area when they don’t really play in the area.

If you cannot embrace the situation you are in, it is not going to get better - same for Houston. If we would embrace the effort of the kids and pack the gym, we would have a better product.

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Our barging chip is not as big as I had hoped from a basketball perspective. We’re a better football conference than we are a basketball conference.

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UConn at first glance looks like a good fit for the BE but if you look closer, not really. They are a State Flagship school with easily the biggest enrollment compared to the private, mostly catholic schools. Do you think those schools would let UConn in?

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Not so sure about that …

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Let them go more money for the other schools if they jet.


UConn is nice to have in your conference.

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They do have some old rivalries with the Big East schools, but UCONN fans seem to forget that some of the other schools left as well (Syracuse, Pitt, WV, Notre Dame, Cincy). Would be a different league if they went back.

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We are the #6 strongest football conference. (Behind the “P5”)

We are the number 7 conference in basketball. (Behind B12, Big East, ACC, SEC, P12 and B1G)

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What’s your point ?

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Would the MAC take their football?

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I already made it, “Our barging chip is not as big as I had hoped from a basketball perspective. We’re a better football conference than we are a basketball conference”

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Doubt it. MAC made UMass leave for not moving all their sports to MAC.


Patriot League!!!

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There are many more basketball conferences that football conferences.