Signing Day Event - Feb 7th @ 6 pm

(Patrick) #1

(Bryant Hargrave) #2

Seems like this will be rather anti-climatic this year. Only Tune to really talk about post early signing. Maybe the early enrolled will be

(Patrick) #3

They plan on talking about all recruits since they didn’t have an “early signing event.”

(Mike Higdon) #4

I got the invite, but it seems so after the fact. I don’t know if I will attend; it’s a hassle to cross town for a few minutes of coach speak about players we signed a couple of months ago.


Red - This event is one small thing they do for donors to show their appreciation. I enjoy mingling with fellow CP donors.

(Paul Marlow) #6

This is the rare opportunity to get those nuggets about recruits. Can’t wait!

(David) #7

Or just get nuggets.

I might make the trip if SMU @ UH wasn’t the next night [8 pm for those not following the best UH basketball team since Pat Foster’s squads]. As a full-time surbanite with an 8-mile work commute, I am not making that trip on consecutive nights. #OldManSyndrome

(Brad) #8

Any comments from those who attended?

(Patrick) #9