Singleton #10 on offense

I heard that there was a chance for Ed Oliver to make some appearances on the offensive side of the ball. If that happens would Oliver have to change to another number or do we just tell the refs before the game that he might be playing O some? Just wondered how that works?

He can keep his number, just cannot be on the field with Singleton.


I watched the first half last night. In the pregame they had the camera on Singleton while talking about Ed. Nothing against Singleton but I’m at a loss of how anyone could think he’s a top D-line draft prospect.

shows you how smart the media is… smh

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I rewatched the 1st half when I got home last night and heard one of the announcers call King “Tate” on the first 2 plays of the game. You could tell who those guys were there to watch.

AAaaahhh, the benefits of playing at 11 a.m…

We get the idiots…and some of you say…well at least we are on TV !!!

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The TV guys don’t bother me much, but that’s usually because I can’t hear them from my seats.

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