SMU billboard

(Charles) #1

I was returning to the Heights from picking up a friend at Hobby when I saw about 1/2 mile before the Elgin exit a billboard touting the SMU Mustangs. Has anyone else seen it? It’s Westbound on 45 just East of the exit to UH. Seems kind of pushy of them, doesn’t it?


I saw it on way to the game and it pissed me off.


There’s also one right off 610 near Meyerland as well. Saw it last week.

(Patrick) #4

Yep, Our starting PG for the WBB team noticed them too.

(shharper01) #5

statewide marketing campaign. 20 billboards and Dallas public transit wraps. less than half of students are from Texas.


Does any know any one with a degree from SMU? I know one lady with a law degree. Where are their grads if they’re so great.


There’s one on the north side too (I-45). Don’t recall what intersection but I saw it.


Would someone get pix for those of us that are not around those areas? Thanks



(shharper01) #10

I know quite a few SMU alums in Dallas. There were a decent number in NYC too.

do you run across many Rice grads? TCU?

(Randy ) #11

I have an MBA from there. I got it while working in Dallas from 2012-2015.


Rice yes, everywhere. TCU, not so much. I would expect quite a few SMU grads in Dallas, just like most UH grads are here. I wonder if UH has billboards in Dallas touting our Academics?

(shharper01) #13

we don’t but LaTech and Wichita State do.


I’ve seen one here in Austin, too.

(itcoog) #15

There is also one in Waco.

(Trent) #16

An SMU grad or a billboard?