SMU game time - 6 pm

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October 7, on CBS Sports Network.

(David) #2

Thanks. #NoExcuses

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Now only have to pray for a mild cool front with no rain and an Astros afternoon playoff game. Then we might have over 30k in the stands.

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I’ll be getting married that day, but am fortunately able to get my parking pass and tickets to some fellow Coogs. My fiance and I celebrated our anniversary last year by going to Dallas for the SMU game. Despite that disaster, I still decided to pop the question that night. It’s odd that SMU comes back the day we get married.

Needless to say – we owe the Ponies big time. Even if it’s the biggest day of my life and it’ll be the last of my priorities on the evening of Oct. 7 – I want some revenge so bad.


Congrats! Enjoy your special day SWCoog. Hopefully you have two reasons to celebrate that night. Cheers!

(Dan) #9

I’m happy for local Coogs with the time, but for us out of towners CBSSN has to be the worst tv option. It’s on hardly any reasonable cable or internet packages, streaming is a joke, and there will be no easy replays on the espn app. I’d take ESPN3 (yes I said ESPN3) over CBSSN any day. I don’t know why CBSSN pays to broadcast games when they are carried by so few providers. It will be probably be sports bar for me.

(David) #10

I am glad that they recently added CBSSN to the PS Vue line up. The only other channel I need now is AT&T Root Sports but at least I should see all of my Cougar sports.

(Jay C.) #11

Conditions are favorable for good attendance. No Stros playoff game to contend with, as the Saturday MLB games will be NLDS. 6 p.m. kickoff. If SMU handles UConn and we take care of business against Temple, the final piece will be good weather.

(Chris) #12

Congratulations to you both jb.


No weddings during football season, first things first.

(Christopher W Allison) #14

Exactly! Now each year your anniversary will fall in football season

(jb) #15

I know. A cardinal sin in Texas. It might even be illegal in some counties.