SMU Gameday Timeline

(Patrick) #1

1 pm: Ticket Office opens
2 pm: Shasta Square opens
4:02pm: Cougar walk and Gates open
5:40pm: Cage Sway
5:45pm: Spirit of Houston performs
5:57pm: Coogs take the field
5:58pm: Coin Toss
6:02pm: Kickoff

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A note on the Uber/Lyft, had friends that did that for the Tech game. It was great getting there, only cost them like $20 for a pretty far ride, but for the ride back it was going to be over $100 because of all the surge prices. Instead of walking across campus to the Uber pickup spot, probably best to get on the train and take it a couple stops away to get much cheaper prices.

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(David) #7

Well that stinks for the Rail Riders. I wonder what drove this decision.

(A.R. ) #8

What a bummer, I have two parking passes but still chose to use palm center transit to get to the stadium. From a time and traffic standpoint would y’all reccomend parking in the blue or green lots?

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Cant find anything about it.

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