SMU hiring Rhett Lashlee as OC

(Keenum Era Coog) #1

Would have liked to see him here

(zx504) #2

excellent hire


Wow. Great hire.


Why can’t we hire people?

(Drew) #5

What the hell is taking Major so long to hire an OC?

(Cary) #6

Two things typically happen in my experience of hiring and firing to extend a timeline: 1) you had someone in mind, went after them, but it didn’t work out for whatever reason (almost always it is salary, but could be interest) and so you pivot to other prospects or 2) you have an initial round of applicants, but none of them meet your standards or needs, so you go for a 2nd round. The majority of the time it is the first scenario.

If we get to the middle of January (a week or so after the championship game), then I would get worried.


It was this way last year. Carrel, D’Onofrio and Casey were announced 1/6/17 and its not like there was competition for those guys. It just takes the guy a lot big time to pull the trigger.

(Alfred Matthews) #8

I don’t mind him taking all the time he wants. He better hit on this hire or he is done next season.


Coaching connections?

(shharper01) #10

FWIW, Levine told me that Nesbitt was his 7th or 8th choice. I asked him this when Meacham was our incoming OC. He said Meacham was #1 but his daughter needed to graduate from HS. Kennedy, Kliff and others…

(Monte P Gilliam) #11

THATS infuriating!!! A well regarded OC from the Oklahoma style of offense is clearly available, and we let SMU hire him???


this would assume the people you are interested in are equally interested. not sure why some people feel the world is beating down the door to come the our university.

(Monte P Gilliam) #13

He was happy to take the SMU job…you seriously think SMU has more to offer a coach than we do? doubt it… but THEY asked…WE didnt!!

(br5exg) #14


You realize coaches have seen the Major offense for 3 years now. And they saw it at Texas. And without Greg Ward, it is a boring, ho hum dud. Coaches with options aren’t willing to crash their careers.

In just 13 short games, Major has proven he can take 4 different QBs and manage to score 20 or less with them against SDSU, Arizona, Temple, Tulsa, and Tulane. Who is running to that?

(Monte P Gilliam) #16

and youre going to run to SMU, where butt kicking is going to become the norm again?? And save all that whiny without Greg Ward stuff…We have TWO Qbs who have excellent run capabilities. All we have to do is turn them loose…Is Apple looking for a read option OC? I think that would be logical. or maybe he intends to modify or expand the packages to be used…


We are a 7-5 club. We are a team that scored 20 or less 1/3 of the time this season. We have nothing returning at WR, we have no run game and while King didn’t turn it over, he didn’t exactly ignite the offense.

We have legit offensive issues here. We are much further away from success than just “turn them lose.”


Give it time, we are searching on google daily.

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Post of the Day!

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Ah, the Levine method.