SMU in a dogfight with Tulane

Were down 15 at the half; have cut it to 1 with 10 to go. On ESPN3.

And now SMU up 4 with 8:30 to go.

SMU up 5 with 3:25 to go. Looking like they’ll hang on.

And they win by 5. Tulane gave them a scare though.

glad they won, if they had lost there sense of urgency on saturday would be huge…now the figure they made it past thier big win hangover vs cincy.
we got em where we want em now

Agreed. Would have been more worried if they lost that game to Tulane. Also good that they won because the conference needed it.

SMU has had a habit of not coming out strong in the first half and then dominating in the second half this year. Even in our first matchup; we hung with SMU for awhile before getting blown out in the second half.

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