SMU installs party decks at Ford Stadium

(gpropes) #1

Just in time for our visit on November 3.


That looks so godawfully tacky

(John Simpson) #3

Well, you gotta put the overflow crowd somewhere.

(Cristian) #4

I like it. 5 umbrellas one for each person.

edit: apparently they relocated 3k people from the top and sides that were obstructed. Which wasnt hard to do lol

Edit: is this for the student section…

(gpropes) #5

The Hofheinz luxury boxes think the party decks look cheap.

(Randy ) #6

Great idea. Terrible execution. They look terrible and remind me of the box suites at Hofheinz. Also, what happens with the seats above them?

Edit: Lawdog beat me to it.

(Jimmy Morris) #7

They also might as well tarp off that section to one side. A good portion of that section won’t be able to see anything that happens inside the 5 yard line at midfield or inside the 20 yard line on the left side. The four sections behind are blocked from seeing any catches at the back of the end zone on that side as well.

I feel like whoever designed this, has never watched a football game.


They should have used the giant grassy area they have in the opposite end zone. Yes, I realize they don’t exactly sell out every game, but why rip out seats you already paid to put in and also obstruct seats that remain.

PS, I actually like the idea.

(Alfred Matthews) #9

Anybody going to the game this season?

(Charles) #10

People, except for a few stragglers, those seats are empty anyway.


You beat me to the punch, good one!


Looks amateurish at best.

Besides that, they should probably put a tarp covering the field to protect it from the fecal matter that runs across it about six times a year.

(Chris Vaughan) #13

If I go I may try and get a group together and do like we did at Tulane


About time they did something with those empty seats. I’ll be at the game, will report back.


WOW that is horrible. Blocks the view for 7 sections and takes up 3 sections. I wonder what is the new capacity without those 10 sections.

(David) #16

I have a name for that party deck: SMOO Fu Bar


I think they should call it “The Drunk Tank”



(David) #19

I like it. I wanted to work in “bar” since it was a Party Deck