SMU Road Game

(Dan) #1

OOTC from East TN here. I’ll be in DFW for work next week and get to see the Coogs play some basketball live! I haven’t been to a basketball game since I drove 5 hours to watch the opening of the Kelvin Sampson era at Murray State. Anyone else going? Would like to sit in a relatively coog-friendly section.


Dan I went to that Murray State game, too! Driving from Vermont to Houston for thanksgiving, took a well worth it detour. We won that game!

(Dan) #3

Catamount there were like 10 Coog fans there in a packed house it seemed like. Probably one of our worst road fan showings ever given the location and the state of the program at the time. Pollard was balling on both ends of the floor second half. Really fun win. Murray has a strong following, good mid-major program.


Pollard was awesome that night. I still think that kid has untapped potential.

I got there kind of late and got GA seats. Surprised with how packed the place was, and yeah, not many coogs around at all. But their fans were super nice to us.

(Alfred Matthews) #5

if the smu game was during the weekend I would make the trip.

(Nick K) #6

gonna miss it by a day, leaving dallas the day before .

(Patrick) #7

Don’t mean to hijack the thread, but figured this was a good place to put this: