(Jim Murphy) #1

After watching the first few minutes of the SMU La Tech game I wonder why the ponies even chose to play in the bowl game. They are down 21 to 3 early in the 1st quarter and to watch the players on the side line, one would think that SMU would be ahead.

This is an embarrassment to the AAC. I hope the Coogs are in Hawaii taking their game seriously and will show up ready to play and to win.


I hope ben is wearing diapers because it looks like he’s crapping himself


There are tarped seats in the 20k stadium. SMU program is a joke. SHSU puts more in there for games. 28-3 in their home town. Sonny is watching his new team get spanked by his old team. Only smu.

(Patrick) #4

I hate sticking up for SMU, but they do have a GA calling plays on both sides. Shades of us last year, except Morris took the entire staff.


Karma for robbing Tulane of a bowl game.


Game has lost its entertainment value…


what really makes me sad about this game is watching amik robertson …he is having a field day with hicks…i wanted him to commit to UH bad last year …as a true freshmen he is dominating


SMU sucks. Nothing new here.


They are a program that hurts the conference. The only thing they have going for them is location, but they are close to Rice in level of support. They just spend more than rice just to be mediocre. They, like Tulane will never win a conf championship.


That’s why the new coach (except possibly internal hires) shouldn’t coach the bowl. Now his supporters may have doubts and detractors will go off


c’mon fellas lighten up. Just wait until SMU build their short-changed IPF… holy hell watch out then.


80 yard sprints…


Dykes was basically a cheerleader on the sidelines. He’s going to be good for them. Hicks put them deep in the hole and it was over. One team clearly wanted to be there, don’t know how excited SMU was about going to a bowl in their back yard. If they (NCAA) wanted to make the right call, they’d back up this ridiculous early signing day and make a rule where there can be no contact with potential coaching hires until bowls are concluded unless they’re not coaching anywhere. Because you want to fire your coach shouldn’t be the reason a team’s season gets derailed like we’ve seen too often first hand. But life isn’t fair especially for the G5s.

(Al) #14

Game attendance in their back yard says it all about SMU’s future. They have deep pockets but their enrollment is tiny and their alumni support is almost invisible. They belong is something like the BigE. They have no general support from normally rabid DFW sports fans. The are virtually ignored even by local media. I honestly believe that the death penalty truly killed their football program. TCU on the other hand has demonstrated what a well run program can achieve. They have almost the same enrollment (~11,000) but very solid support. Lastly, they have competition from OU, TT and Whorns here.

Morris was a solid coach and probably accomplished as much as anyone could expect. It’s too bad for SMU and the AAC, because the conference could benefit considerably from strong representation in the metroplex.

(Cristian) #15

I think they pack small stadiums pretty well. I was just on their forum reading their meltdown and supposedly they packed the stadium (idk i didnt see the game). Then again they said there were only 16k available seats. One of their comment made me feel bad for them because
__“Thank you for disappointing us the one game the fans actually show up. The team we played wasn’t even that good! I would understand if this was against a team like Houston or USF but against LA Tech? This is why people around America take SMU football as a joke. At least we have basketball…?”

We should support everyone in bowl season i mean we are splitting the money and that was hard to read… I know we would be having that meltdown if we were them.

(Paul Marlow) #16

The game definitely shows the impact of with and without coaching. Reminds me of the Tulsa game when Briles was interviewing and we got drummed 66-3 or something like that. NCAA definitely needs to solve the problem or I think it may only get worse as teams try to chase the next hot coach. The current system actually helps the poorly run team impact a successful team that did everything right and this should be viewed as a fundamental flaw in the current system.


SMU, Tulsa, Tulane–meh.

(PMM) #18

You left out Temple and U Conn most years !

(Jimmy Morris) #19

It’s a Cougar tradition to mock our conference members for not being better than us.


Makes total sense. Why would a bowl game whose only goal is to make as much money as possible intentionally tarp over and not sell seats that would have been sold? #SmooLogic

Btw, The Frisco Bowl is the only bowl game to not announce attendance numbers so far. I haven’t tried to find tv ratings, wonder if it could be a one and done bowl.